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5:05 pm

Moto2 Q2: A rookie in second place

Out of nowhere, Raul Fernandez appears in second place. We know from the Moto3 class that the Spaniard is extremely good in qualifying.

5:03 p.m.

Moto2 Q2: collision between teammates!

Jake Dixon drives slowly, turns around and sees his teammate Xavi Vierge approaching. Dixon accelerates again to get in front of Vierge. The speed difference is too great. Vierge drives Dixon to the rear tire. Fortunately, nothing happens and both can continue.

5:01 pm

Moto2 Q2: Bezzecchi reports

Marco Bezzecchi moves into second place and Bo Bendsneyder sets the third fastest lap. In the past few years, Bendsneyder was often far behind because the NTS chassis is not yet competitive. Switching to a Kalex has paid off for Bo so far.

Marcel Schrötter is in 14th place.

4:59 pm

Moto2 Q2: Lowes strikes back

In his second lap, Lowes is stopped with 1: 58.798 minutes. This time the time is not canceled and the Brit is in first place.

That was a fantastic lap because Jake Dixon is 0.4 seconds behind in second. Remy Gardner is third.

4:58 pm

Moto2 Q2: Ajo-Duo takes the lead

At first, Lowes puts in 1: 59.447 minutes, but Jake Dixon is only 0.011 seconds slower. But the rankings are constantly changing.

The race management is canceling Lowes’ time due to track limits. And Remy Gardner takes the lead in front of his Ajo teammate Raul Fernandez. The ajo duo helps each other. Gardner follows in the slipstream of Fernandez.

4:54 pm

Moto2 Q2: Teamwork

Some teammates work together, for example at VR46 and Petronas Sprinta. The Intact duo Schrötter and Arbolino also tried to help each other during training. The timing didn’t quite work out. Arbolino is now on the route a few meters from Schrötter.

4:49 pm

Moto2 Q2: Schrötter is also involved

18 drivers are fighting for the pole position and based on the training sessions Sam Lowes and Marco Bezzecchi are hot contenders for the best starting positions.

The German Marcel Schrötter and the Swiss Tom Lüthi also qualified directly for Q2. In 2019 Schrötter started from pole position on the Losail Circuit.

4:43 pm

Moto2 Q1: Checkered Flag

The drivers drive through and do not make a pit stop. In the end, it gets harder to improve times. It’s extremely tight. The top 4 are in a tenth of a second!

Fabio di Giannantonio set the fastest time with 1: 59.354 minutes. Closely behind are Celestino Vietti, Somkiat Chantra and Lorenzo Dalla Porta, who also move into Q2.

MotoAmerica Champion Cameron Beaubier qualifies for 22nd place on the grid.

4:37 pm

Moto2 Q1: Next highsider

Marcos Ramirez gets caught in turn 14. The Spaniard is also in pain and is slow to get to his feet. He is holding his right wrist. Hopefully he didn’t break anything.

4:36 pm

Moto2 Q1: Times are getting faster

The drivers improve with every lap. Di Giannantonio is slightly faster than Vietti and Chantra. The trio in the first three places is within a tenth of a second. Ogura is also involved.

4:33 pm

Moto2 Q1: Sturz Corsi

Seasoned Simone Corsi has a heavy highsider in turn 16. The Italian kneels on the ground for a few moments. But then he can get up and walk away without help.

4:31 pm

Moto2 Q1: by Giannantonio legt vor

While a large group has formed with Augusto Fernandez at the head, di Giannantonio does his flying lap on his own. With 1: 59.952 minutes, the Italian takes the lead in front of Garzo, Dalla Porta and Vietti.

4:29 pm

Moto2 Q1: It’s all happening in rapid succession

The Moto2 class is already on the track. In Q1, among others, Celestino Vietti, Fabio di Giannantonio and Augusto Fernandez, who we would actually expect further ahead.

4:19 pm

Moto3 Q2: Investigation against Binder!

The race management is investigating an incident between Darryn Binder and Jaume Masia. On his pole lap, Binder overtook Masia before Turn 15. There was a contact.

4:16 pm

Moto3 Q2: Kofler in 16th place

Places four to six in row two go to Jeremy Alcoba, Jaume Masia and Kaito Toba.

Maximilian Kofler can’t improve on his second attempt. Therefore, the Austrian falls back to 16th place. World Cup points could be within reach tomorrow.

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MotoGP live ticker Qatar Moto2 qualifying


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