Moutier BE decides on changing cantons: to Jura or Bern?


The canton of Jura was founded on January 1, 1979. The conflict between the French-speaking separatists and the canton of Bern, which flared up again after the Second World War, was thus to be ended – but it is not over to this day.

The dispute goes back a long way: at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, areas of the Principality of Basel went to the Canton of Bern. Since then, many in the Bernese Jura regions have felt oppressed by the German-speaking majority in the canton.

How great the anger is against the Bernese was shown in January 1993: A 21-year-old separatist wanted to plant a bomb in Bern’s town hall, but it went off too early on the edge of the old town. The young man was killed. He was BĂ©lier, a member of the separatist militant youth organization. Material for further attacks was found.

As a result, the cantons of Jura, Bern and the federal government entered into a dialogue to resolve the Jura conflict. But efforts are still being made to bring communities in the Bernese Jura to the canton of Jura.

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Moutier decides changing cantons Jura Bern


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