Moving moment – Covid patient in bed by the sea


It’s a very special moment for Joan Soler Sendra. Two sisters drive him through the foyer of a hospital in Barcelona. The 63-year-old was in intensive care for almost four months as a result of a Covid infection. The doctors fought for his life. Now he has probably survived the worst. And the staff treats him to a walk to the nearby sea to celebrate the day. Right across the street in the sunshine.

O-Ton Andrea Castellvi Deputy Intensive Care Manager

“Today is 114 days since Joan was admitted to intensive care. He is a patient with a very long recovery process. He’s been here the longest of all, a first wave patient. He was artificially ventilated for a long time. Now he tries again to breathe on his own. He always manages more. And we’re making progress step by step. “

At first, Sendra had only mild symptoms. But within a few days he developed a high fever – and got weaker and weaker. The trip with the sickbed to the water is a special therapy for the nurse

O-Ton Andrea Castellvi Deputy Head of Intensive Care »After so many days under these circumstances that gives a shot of vitality. The patient was without daylight for so long. He couldn’t see his family. The sun also gives the desire to keep fighting. “

It was a moving moment for the family. Sendra’s brothers were also infected with the corona virus last November, but did not have to go to the hospital.

Original sound: Jaume Soler, the patient’s brother, “This is a very strong adrenaline rush for him. Because he says, hey, he still loves me. He was always aware of his serious illness. And that’s very good for his morale now. “

Joan Soler Sendar can’t speak again yet. But he won’t forget the first sun in four months anytime soon.

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Moving moment Covid patient bed sea


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