Murren in Schwaz, Virgen and Arzl also have to continue testing


Im Bezirk Schwaz wird weiter bei allen mit Hauptwohnsitz die Ausreise kontrolliert – die Verlängerung bis 1. April stößt auf Verdrossenheit.

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Innsbruck, Schwaz – The number of new infections – 262 positive cases on Wednesday – is also increasing in Tyrol, but the situation in the hospitals is currently stable. Although there is always a delayed effect here. Nevertheless: The higher infection rate is particularly noticeable in the Inn valley furrow and in the state capital. And generally the British coronavirus mutant, to which around 60 percent of infections can be traced. Families are still the main sources of infection.

The situation has relaxed in Matrei in East Tyrol, in Roppen and in Haiming, where the “isolation” ends at the end of today. In Virgen and in Arzl im Pitztal it will be extended until April 1st. As is the compulsory exit test in the Schwaz district. It causes many residents to shake their heads. After all, 46,000 residents last received the first dose of vaccine. While many continue to accept the measures, others feel “teased” and “planted”. “It just doesn’t end anymore, despite the already high willingness to test and vaccinate,” says a Zillertal man. One young woman says: “It’s so unnecessary, especially with the controls. We test like crazy even without this extension. ”Another thinks that this only continues to encourage people’s bitter resignation and displeasure.

I understand the disaffection, because the expectations are different.

Martina Entner (WK district chairwoman Schwaz)

Martina Entner, district chairwoman of the Schwaz Chamber of Commerce, has received a few calls these days. “But it’s not really dramatic,” she says. You understand the disaffection of the Schwazer, because the expectations are different after the start of the vaccination. According to the state of Tyrol, however, the opening times of the test buses in Weer, Jenbach and Strass will change from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Mayors try to stay calm

The mayors of the district are trying to be calm about the situation. According to BM Hans Lintner from Schwaz, the main aim is to keep hospitalizations as low as possible. “The new combination of the British and South African mutants establishes the extension,” he says. The local chiefs Hansjörg Jäger (Ried i. Z.) and Alois Aschberger (Wiesing) also believe that the majority will support the extension without much grumbling. “The question is how long it will stay that way,” says Aschberger.

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In Mils bei Hall, Mayor Peter Hanser is currently sitting on needles. There are 40 active cases in his community, most of which can be traced back to private recreational meetings in which the participants met several times without masks or spaces. According to Hanser, there were also infections in the Center for Hearing and Language Education. After a corona case, the community itself quarantined the majority of the building yard employees as a precautionary measure.

Hanser hopes to break the chains of infection through contact tracking. Should that not succeed by next week, stricter measures can also be expected in Mils. (emf, md)

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Murren Schwaz Virgen Arzl continue testing


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