“My husband should get what he wants”


Heidi Klum has published a video on Instagram in which she does her hair. As the model explains, she only does this at the request of her husband. And finally he gets to see a lot.

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When Tom expresses a wish, Heidi jumps in front of the mirror. Something like that must have happened last night in the Klum / Kaulitz house. In a video you here or see above in the article, the model tells of the conversation with her godly husband. “I asked my husband what his favorite hairstyle is and he said: long hair with bangs.”

True to the motto “I command his wish”, the 47-year-old snips her own hair – and films herself in front of the mirror. The fact that the model mom from GNTM has let her pony grow out for a good four months, as she explains, no longer seems to bother her. But in any case, spontaneous hair styling quickly becomes a minor matter.

“This is for you baby!”

In Heidi Klum’s video, not only do some curls fall to the floor, but also her bathrobe. The view becomes clear to the half-naked model who pretends that it doesn’t matter. Heidi suddenly stands revealingly in front of the camera in a black lace bra and eagerly rocks her upper body back and forth. She then explains: “My husband should get what he wants” and gives her husband an announcement for the way home: “He should better notice when he comes home today”.

At the end Tom Kaulitz gets to hear the sentence: “This is for you, baby!” But that Heidi Klum lost sight of her almost eight million Instagram followers, who were also allowed to watch, is rather unlikely.

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