My recommendation in spring 2021: headphones with ANC


If you are currently interested in headphones with ANC, i.e. ambient noise reduction, you will find suggestions here. Read more here in this report!

What do headphones do with ANC?

ANC, which is called Active Noise Cancellation, is meant to help you focus and relax. It is extremely pleasant in everyday life because it helps you to as good as fade out your surroundings if you wish. An image of the background noise is created in real time and a negative of it is sent into your ear canal. While the outward-facing microphone detects ambient noise and actively counteracts it, an ANC device suppresses the residual noise in the ear with the help of the inward-facing microphone.

This is also one of the reasons why it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to meet people on the street with earphones or over-ear headphones. In addition to ambient noise suppression, there is also a so-called awareness or transparency setting. It ensures that certain noises can still penetrate you or are even better audible. Anyone who is out and about in road traffic has little advantage in not hearing anything of their surroundings acoustically! That’s why I thought about the recommendations I can make for 2021 so far. Here you are:

Comfortable to wear

In my test on the Huawei FreeBuds Studio I came to a benevolent conclusion. Right from the start, I was impressed by the design and the advertised functions. Not only that, the way the device blended into my everyday life was simply unmatched. The combination of extremely high wearing comfort, great sound and good controllability makes it pretty easy to recommend these headphones to others with a clear conscience. Not only that, the ambient noise reduction works well for over-ear headphones too!

Android users can still choose between refined ANC modes (Ultra, General and Comfort), but the Huawei also work with an iPhone FreeBuds Studio very good. The promised battery life of up to 20 hours is achieved and the connection quality is extremely high. Apart from the proud price of 269 euros and the slight noise in the ANC modes, from my personal point of view there is absolutely nothing that speaks against these headphones. Are you looking for wireless over-ear headphones with ANC, good sound and long battery life? Then take a close look here!

The strongest ANC ever

In my test of the Jabra Elite 85t I was just as surprised. Almost every self-respecting provider tries their luck with ANC. However, there are only a few who do everything right – sometimes the transparency mode goes wrong, sometimes the noise suppression causes discomfort, and elsewhere the sound quality is simply not good enough. However, Jabra has made sure that there are no noteworthy weaknesses. In addition is the Sound+ App for iOS and Android kept simple and offers music presets, various background sounds, an equalizer and multi-level ANC settings.

It cannot be said often enough: once you get used to a well-functioning ambient noise cancellation, it’s hard to get by without it again. The fact that the HearThrough mode works almost perfectly with these earbuds and that the sound is great apart from the bass level shows how serious Jabra is with this product. 230 euros is a lot of money, of course, but these earbuds are suitable for everyday use and do their job extremely well. The option of simulated white noise alone is a great idea – the Jabra Elite 85t get my unreserved recommendation for everyone who wants really good ambient noise reduction!

Inexpensive and durable

We have now recommended two devices with prices above 200 euros, but what about the entry-level range? The most outstanding feature in my review of the Huawei FreeBuds 4i are 10 hours of battery life (without ANC) per charge, and 10 minutes of charging gives you another four hours of running time. The competition dreams of it, but Huawei is already making it a reality! They are comfortable to wear, the sound quality is difficult and the stable connection to the devices can only be described as ideal. While the ambient noise suppression really only works perfectly with music that is playing at the same time, it remains only complaining at a high level.

Otherwise there is hardly anything that can actually be blamed on these buds. Everything runs as it should, the devices are light and beautiful to look at, and there were absolutely no problems with them in the test. This product has become noticeably better compared to its predecessor, but the price remains the same. The manufacturer wants to have 99 euros for the Buds, and at the launch you can even get them for only 79 euros. That not only sounds fair, it is also fair! So if you are looking for affordable headphones that last a long time and can also ANC, you should check out the Huawei FreeBuds 4i definitely take a closer look!

What are your recommendations for headphones with ANC? Tell me in the comments!

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