Natascha Ochsenknecht: After the birth of granddaughter Mavie: She celebrates herself as a grandma


Natascha Ochsenknecht celebrates herself as “Grandma” after her daughter, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, published the sweet baby news.

Author Natascha Ochsenknecht (56, “Defend yourself! How mother and daughter fight against hatred on the Internet”) became a grandmother. She is now celebrating this on Instagram. “I was promoted: I am now a grandma,” reads her post. Red hearts fly through the animated picture, and a cartoon granny with gray hair is dancing.

She had already welcomed the addition to the family one post earlier. “Welcome to the crazy people, Mavie! Finally you are here. You have chosen great parents,” she commented on the photo with the white romper, with which the proud parents, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (20) and her Nino, announced the birth on Saturday had given.

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Numerous celebrities congratulate the new “grandma” among the posts, including Simone Thomalla, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Sonja Kirchberger, Lilly Becker, Sila Sahin, Danni B├╝chner, Cathy Hummels, Jenny Elvers, Regina Halmich, Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Marijke Amado, Vera Int-Veen, Patrice Bouedibela and many more.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is the youngest of three children from the marriage (1993-2012) of Natascha Ochsenknecht with actor Uwe Ochsenknecht (65, “Ku’damm”). The ex-couple’s second grandchild is also on the way. Cheyenne’s brother, actor Jim Blue Ochsenknecht (29) and his girlfriend Yeliz Koc are also expecting their first child.

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Natascha Ochsenknecht birth granddaughter Mavie celebrates grandma


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