National Council starts deliberations on the Covid-19 law


The demand of the WAK-N to write a fixed opening date in the law shaped the first week of the session. Last Wednesday, however, the controversial proposal was pulled the teeth. The Commission made an urgent statement in the Council which took up the matter. The declaration is not legally binding and, unlike a law, does not force the Federal Council to act. At the FDP and the center, after the adopted declaration, nobody assumed that a majority of their parliamentary group wanted to write the date into the law.
The Commission’s proposal that the federal scientific task force should only appear in public with its President, currently Martin Ackermann, should give something to talk about. Originally, a majority of the commission wanted to forbid the task force from taking a public position. The commission then came back to their request and revised it.

No relief for the cantons

When expanding hardship measures, which actually make the revision of the Covid Act necessary, the Commission’s proposals differ from the Council of States on several points.
For example, the federal government’s share of the funding for smaller companies should not be increased from 70 to 80 percent. In the case of newly founded companies, the Commission proposes to relax the conditions for hardship support. The deadline for the foundation (October 1, 2020) is to be deleted from the law.
In order to cushion the cantonal inequalities in hardship benefits, the commission also requests that the Federal Council define a minimum standard of benefits. If the processing of a hardship application is delayed, the commission should also allow payments on account.

More money for cultural workers

In supporting cultural workers, the Commission followed the Council of States, which removed an upper limit for contributions from the law.
However, the Commission does not agree with the Council of States regarding support for sports clubs. To make it easier for them to receive À-fonds-perdu contributions, the Council of States wants clubs to stop being forced to cut their wages when they apply for support. The National Council Commission rejects this.
Several hours are planned for the debate in the National Council from 2.30 p.m. At the beginning – as in the Council of States – many council members are likely to be critical of the Federal Council’s corona strategy. The detailed consultation of the law is likely to drag on until late in the evening.

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National Council starts deliberations Covid19 law


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