National League: SCB celebrates important win in playoff fight


The SCB returns to victory in the derby against the SCL Tigers. Image: keystone

SCB celebrates important victory in the playoff fight – Zug wins 12-goal spectacle at Friborg

SC Bern prevailed against the SCL Tigers 4-1 in the Bern derby and after their first home win after three defeats, they are nine ninth in the table. EV Zug cracks the 100 point mark with a spectacular victory at Friborg-Gottéron.

Bern – SCL Tigers 3:1

Thanks to three goals in the first eight minutes of the derby against the SCL Tigers, SC Bern took another step towards the playoff round of 16. In the end it was 4: 1. The cup winner is ranked 9th in the ranking for the first time since December 3rd, the lead over the eleventh placed Ambri-Piotta is now five points.

After the SCB had played five games last week, coach Mario Kogler released the players on Monday. Whether it was that is an open question, at least the Bernese laid the foundation for victory with a startling furiousness. Jesper Olofsson (in the power play) and Tristan Scherwey scored the 1-0 (4th) and 2-0 (5th) within 27 seconds. The 3-0 was scored by Captain Simon Moser with a deflector. More than the 1: 3 (51st), for which Ben Maxwell was responsible, the guests did not succeed in the episode. In the 58th minute, Scherwey made everything clear with his second goal that evening.

After the Langnauer had won the first two duels of the season against the Bernese, they lost for the third time in a row. It was the Emmental’s 19th defeat in their last 21 games.

Bern – SCL Tigers 4:1 (3:0, 0:0, 1:1)
0 viewers. – SR Salonen / Nikolic, Kehrli / Burgy.
Tore: 4. (3:46) Olofsson (Conacher / Powerplaytor) 1: 0. 5. (4:13) Scherwey (Beat Gerber, Praplan) 2: 0. Moser (Colin Gerber, Sopa) 3: 0. 51. Maxwell (Huguenin, Nilsson) 3: 1. 58. Scherwey 4: 1 (ins leere Tor).
Punish: 2 times 2 minutes against Bern, 3 times 2 minutes against SCL Tigers.
PostFinance top scorer: Jeffrey; Maxwell.
Bern: Karhunen; Untersander, Henauer; Andersson, Zryd; Thiry, Beat Gerber; Colin Gerber; Conacher, Jeffrey, Olofsson; Scherwey, Praplan, Pestoni; Sopa, Heim, Moser; Alain Berger, Bader, Jeremi Gerber; Sterchi.
SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Erni, Huguenin; Glauser, Leeger; Schilt, Grossniklaus; Lardi, Bircher; Weibel, Maxwell, Nilsson; Julian Schmutz, Flavio Schmutz, Sturny; Melnalksnis, In-Albon, Andersons; Neukom, Petrini, Dostoinov.
Remarks: Bern without Blum, Ruefenacht, Sciaroni (all injured) and Neuenschwander (sick), SCL Tigers without Pascal Berger, Blaser, Diem, Earl, Kuonen and Salzgeber (all injured). SCL Tigers from 57:26 to 57:33 without goalkeepers.

SCB goalie Karhunen missed his third shutout of the season despite a penalty. Image: keystone

Friborg – train 5: 7

EV Zug has never lost three games in a row in the current championship and that is also the case after the away game against Friborg-Gottéron. The sovereign leader fell behind after just 34 seconds with a goal from Samuel Walser, but in the end he won 7: 5 and exceeded the 100-point mark.

The preliminary decision was made in the second period when the Central Swiss team moved away with three goals within 9:57 minutes to 5-2 – Jan Kovar scored the guests’ fifth goal 16.3 seconds before the second siren after a rebound from goalie Reto Berra. The EVZ decided the middle third despite a shot ratio of 8:18 with 3: 1 in its favor. And the 2: 2 (25th) given to Freiburg captain Julien Sprunger was still an own goal by Dario Allenspach.

In the 50th minute, Tobias Geisser gave Zug a 6-3 lead again with three goals. Nevertheless, it got exciting again, as Friborg came up to 5-6 in the 55th minute. With 24 seconds to go, Klingberg put an end to the tremors with his second goal in this game.

Thus, the Zug team also won the third duel of the season against Gottéron, even though they were heavily weakened. Two of the six defensive positions were held by 18-year-old Arno Nussbaumer and 17-year-old Dario Sidler. The team of coach Dan Tangnes celebrated the seventh away win in a row. In general, the EVZ has so far been a force in the current championship on foreign ice – now 19 successes are compared to four defeats.

Tobias Geisser: “Always stay calm when playing close matches.” Video: YouTube/MySports

Friborg-Gottéron – move 5: 7 (1: 2, 1: 3, 3: 2)
1 viewer. – SR Hebeisen / Fluri, Schlegel / Duarte.
Tore: 1. (0:34) Walser 1: 0. 6. Simion (Stadler) 1: 1. 10. Abdelkader (Shore, Martschini) 1: 2. 25th Sprunger (Bykow) 2-2 (Allenspach own goal). 30. Klingberg (Simion, Kovar) 2: 3. 38.Bachofner (Shore) 2: 4. 40. (39:43) Kovar (Geisser) 2: 5. 48th Mottet (Stalberg, DiDomenico / Powerplaytor) 3: 5. 50. (49:19) Geisser (Klingberg, Kovar) 3: 6. 50. (49:56) Desharnais 4: 6 (penalty). 55.Bykov (Gunderson) 5: 6. 60. (59:36) Klingberg (Kovar) 5: 7 (into the empty goal).
Punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Friborg-Gottéron, 2 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Abdelkader) against Zug.
PostFinance top scorer: Mottet; Kovar.
Friborg-Gottéron: Berra; Sutter, Furrer; Gunderson, Chavaillaz; Kamerzin, Jecker; Abplanalp; Herren, Schmid, DiDomenico; Stalberg, Desharnais, Mottet; Sprunger, Walser, Bykow; Bougro, Marchon, Jörg; Jobin.
Zug: Genoni; Cadonau, Gross; Nussbaumer, Geisser; Sidler, Stadler; Klingberg, Kovar, Simion; Allenspach, Albrecht, Bachofner; Martschini, Shore, Abdelkader; Langenegger, Leuenberger, Hofer.
Remarks: Friborg-Gottéron without Brodin and Rossi (both injured), Zug without Alatalo, Diaz, Schlumpf, Senteler, Zehnder, Zgraggen (all sick), Hofmann, Hollenstein, Thürkauf, Wüthrich (all injured) and Thorell (surplus foreigners). Friborg-Gottéron from 58:45 to 59:36 without a goalkeeper.

A decimated train trembles its way to victory against Friborg. Image: keystone

Servette – Lausanne 2: 3

The fight for places 2 to 6, which is synonymous with direct playoff qualification, could hardly be more exciting. The direct duels of the teams involved are all the more important. Lausanne won one of these at Genève-Servette 3-2.

The hosts took the lead twice thanks to 20-year-old Mathieu Vouillamoz (11th) and Eric Fehr (22nd). Christoph Bertschy scored the 1-1 after 23 seconds in the middle third. The decision in favor of the guests was made in the last minute of the second section. At first, defender Joël Genazzi equalized again in a striker-style power play with a distractor in front of the goal, 10 seconds before the second break, Charles Hudon was responsible for the winning goal with a precise shot.

In the last 20 minutes, the shot ratio was 12: 1 in favor of Geneva, but they no longer brought the puck past Lausanne goalkeeper Luca Boltshauser. While the LHC celebrated their fourth win in a row, Servette suffered their third home defeat in a row. In the direct duels of this season it is now 3-2 for Geneva.

Genève-Servette – Lausanne 2: 3 (1: 0, 1: 3, 0: 0)
0 viewers. – SR Lemelin / Tscherrig, Gnemmi / Steenstra.
Tore: 11. Vouillamoz (Winnik, Jacquemet) 1:0. 21. (20:23) Bertschy (Emmerton, Barberio) 1:1. 22. (21:57) Fehr (Völlmin, Miranda) 2:1. 40. (39:03) Genazzi (Hudon, Heldner/Powerplaytor) 2:2. 40. (39:50) Hudon (Gibbons) 2:3.
Punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Genève-Servette, 5 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Malgin) against Lausanne.
PostFinance top scorer: Omark; Malgin.
Geneva-Servette: Descloux; Jacquemet, Tömmernes; Karrer, Le Coultre; Völlmin, Smons; Guebey; Vouillamoz, Winnik, Omark; Rod, Smirnovs, Vermin; Moy, Fehr, Miranda; Berthon, Kast, Patry; Fritsche.
Lausanne: Boltshauser; Genazzi, Barberio; Heldner, Frick; Grossmann, Marti; Krueger, Arnold; Gibbons, Malgin, Hudon; Bertschy, Emmerton, Kenins; Jäger, Jooris, Almond; Krakauskas, Froidevaux, Antonietti.
Remarks: Genève-Servette without Maurer, Mercier and Richard (all injured). Genève-Servette from 58:47 without goalkeeper. (pre / sda)

The table:


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National League SCB celebrates important win playoff fight


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