Nena: After praise for corona deniers – now the singer is reacting – people


“Thanks Kassel”

With these words, Nena (61) addressed demonstrators in Kassel on Wednesday in her Instagram story, who had gathered in the city center on Saturday and protested against the Corona measures. She shared photos of the gathering on her account.

Nena backed the photos with a song by Xavier Naidoo (49), who recently attracted attention again and again with conspiracy theories and controversial statements about the corona pandemic.

The Naidoo song says, “Anyone with an opinion is now a conspirator. Global New Town is your vision. Is that the agenda or just fiction? Mirror on the wall, what’s going on in this country? This is not the country that once stood for freedom. “

Nena has provided a clip that shows a demonstrating crowd in fast motion with a white heart and the date of the demonstration, “03/20/2021”, and posted it on Instagram. A little later a fan club shared their message with the words: “Love is made out of courage … Nena”.Photo: Nena_official / Instagram

Does Nena show solidarity with so-called lateral thinkers? No, announced her management now. Nena does not belong to any group, not even to the camp of corona deniers.

When asked by BILD, it says: “Nena thanked the people in Kassel who disagree with the current politics and the inhuman conditions that prevail here and who were on the street for it.”

And further: “The claim that Nena would join forces with ‘chaots’ and ‘right-wing people’ is absurd and a slap in the face of the thousands of peaceful people who demonstrated there. Of course, Nena is neither xenophobic nor homophobic. “

The jury members, the musicians Rea Garvey (from left), Nena and Xavier Naidoo, pose on stage in 2012 before the start of the talent show

The “The Voice” jury 2012 (from left): Rea Garvey, Nena and Xavier Naidoo. In 2016 Nena and Xavier were also together on “Sing my Song”Foto: dpa /picture alliance

“It rejects any kind of hatred and violence and in principle does not belong to any club, party or politically active association. Nena stands for freedom, humanity and love, ”says the singer’s management.

In Kassel, according to police estimates, more than 20,000 people took to the streets against Corona containment measures on Saturday. Only 6,000 participants were admitted, and violent clashes broke out.

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Nena praise corona deniers singer reacting people


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