Nena does the Xavier: This is how her management reacts to lateral thinker praise


Nena makes negative headlines again. This time the singer celebrates the lateral thinking demo in Kassel and thanks Xavier Naidoo.

Update from March 25th: “Love is made of courage …”. With this line from her legendary hit “Somehow, somewhere, sometime”, singer Nena titled a picture of a lateral thinker demo in her Instagram story. In addition, and of course that should not be missing, background music from the conspiracy pope himself: Xavier Naidoo. The case seems clear: After Attila Hildmann, Michael Wendler and the like, the popular German singer also shows solidarity with corona deniers and trivializing the pandemic.

As expected, Nena’s management tries to limit the damage. At the request of the BILD newspaper it says: “It rejects any kind of hatred and violence and in principle does not belong to any club, party or politically active association. Nena stands for freedom, humanity and love“. Both Nena and her management sweep under the carpet that the important hygiene rules, such as keeping your distance and wearing a mask, were disregarded at the demonstration and that there were repeated violent clashes and threats from press representatives.

Name Gabriele Susanne Kerner (Nena)
Born March 24, 1960 in Hagen
Partner Philipp Palm
children Larissa Kerner, Christopher Daniel Kerner, Sakias Kerner, Samuel Kerner, Simeon Kerner

Xavier Naidoo: Nena celebrates his song and thanks lateral thinkers

First report from March 24th: During the corona pandemic, many celebrities discovered their preference for conspiracy myths and fake news or really lived it out for the first time. In addition to ideologues such as Attila Hildmann, Michael Wendler and Xavier Naidoo, Nena (“99 balloons”) has already shown what she thinks of the “Scare tactics“Keeps to the coronavirus. Now the singer has made negative headlines again because she celebrates the lateral thinking demo in Kassel and thanks the singer from Mannheim. In addition, she uses a new song by Naidoo to add music to her video – of course, it is again about the “Corona-Dictatorship“.

Nena celebrates lateral thinking demo – with music by Xavier Naidoo

Thanks Kassel“. Singer Nena writes these two words in an Instagram story. Behind it, a short video shows a demonstration from March 20th. This is a lateral thinker demo for which around 20,000 people illegally marched through the Hessian city and celebrated a party without masks, distance and decency. The police are criticized for the fact that the officials acted harder against counter-demonstrators than against lateral thinkers.

Nena thanks lateral thinkers in Kassel.

© Screenshot/Instagram/Nena

With this letter of thanks to the lateral thinkers, Nena has cleared the last doubts that she is on the side of the lateral thinkers and thus also right-wing radicals and conspiracy ideologues. Already in November 2020, the NDW singer made headlines because she played down Corona in a text on Instagram and Facebook and from “Scare tactics” speaks. Since then, Nena has not commented publicly on the current situation. also writes about Nenas Shitstorm.

Nena: Celebrated by right-wing thinkers and lateral thinkers

Nena also added suitable music to the short clip on Instagram. It’s a new song by Xavier Naidoo and Janmusik. The text is again about the “Corona-Dictatorship“And facts are twisted and fake news is spread. The song called “What’s wrong?” Says that Demos died. However, based on the demonstrations in Kassel, Hanover, Leipzig and Berlin over the past six months, this claim turns out to be a lie. Naidoo has already done the same with Dave Brych from Mannheim in the song “Living in Germany”.

But Nena not only uses the song for background music, but also openly thanks Xavier Naidoo for the music. In keeping with this, the singer also posts the song on her Telegram channel. Did Nena have expected that the right-wing magazine “Compact” will also celebrate her for her video. “While her previous posts had left room for interpretation, singer Nena now sent a clear sign of solidarity to the lateral thinking movement. The pop icon wrote “Thank you, Kassel” on an Instagram video from the big demo last Saturday – with the music of Xavier Naidoo!“, Writes the magazine’s official account on Telegram. Xavier Naidoo already used “Compact” for his opinion as “true heroes“Denotes. (ie) and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Swen Pförtner / dpa / screenshot / Instagram / Nena

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Nena Xavier management reacts lateral thinker praise


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