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Updated March 25, 2021, 4:18 pm

  • Nena caused a sensation with expressions of sympathy for the lateral thinker demo in Kassel at the weekend.
  • Even before that, there was speculation about how the 80s star feels about the corona measures and the corona policy.
  • The pop singer is considered stubborn and unadapted, she belongs to the esoteric scene.
  • Nena also thanked Xavier Naidoo, who, like some other stars from show business, spreads conspiracy theories.

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Nena has never been really easy to see through. The pop singer is a free spirit, her stubbornness and maladjustment are her trademarks.

In the 1980s she became an icon of the peace movement, the song “99 Luftballons” a statement against the Cold War. Now she could become an icon of another movement, because the Neue Deutsche Welle star obviously sympathizes with the “lateral thinkers”.

In her Instagram story, the pop singer shared a video of the lateral thinker demonstration in Kassel last weekend with her more than 100,000 followers, with a heart and the words “Thank you Kassel” and the date of the demo “March 20, 2021”.

Nena had already triggered speculation about her political views with posts in the past few months. She has a deep belief in God and a “common sense, which breaks down the information and the scare tactics that pour in from the outside into all its parts. And so it is possible for me not to let myself be drawn into the darkness hypnotized by fear “wrote the singer in October.

At the beginning of February, she followed up and declared that her future concerts should not become a two-class society and that people who have not been vaccinated are also welcome. “Whether or not you get vaccinated is entirely YOUR decision and must be respected by everyone,” argued Nena.

Nena also thanks Xavier Naidoo

With this post at the latest, speculation began as to whether Nena was a lateral thinker or even a corona denier. Her management initially appeased, but after the most recent posting it can be stated that the artist, who turned 61 on Wednesday, has a heart for lateral thinkers.

Nena also thanked singer Xavier Naidoo, who had already caused scandal several times by spreading conspiracy theories, right-wing populist and racist views and being close to the Reich Citizens’ Movement. Naidoo denied the existence of the corona virus last summer, and he put a heart on Nena’s Instagram posts.

At the demo in Kassel on Saturday, instead of the permitted 6,000, around 20,000 demonstrators appeared and had mostly disregarded the hygiene rules, there were clashes with the police who used batons, water cannons and pepper spray. Journalists were attacked and around a dozen people were arrested.

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Nena is esoteric and drinks moon water

In Kassel, as at other events and demonstrations of the lateral thinkers, a very diverse gathering of people came together. Citizens who use their right to demonstrate to vent their anger against the corona policy run side by side with right-wingers, Reich citizens and right-wing extremists, as well as anti-vaccination and mask opponents, corona deniers and people from the naturopath and esotericist -Environment that would have been located in the politically left-wing or alternative spectrum before the start of the pandemic.

Nena also belongs to this scene, she is an esoteric who drinks moon water and practices the dynamic meditation of the late Indian sect guru Osho Bagwhan.

Sect expert Ursula Caberta described Nena as a figurehead of the esoteric scene ten years ago. When Nena’s esoteric album “Chokmah” was released in 2001, she said in an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung” sentences such as “I don’t live in linear times, for me everything is a constant cycle” or “I’ve known for a long time that I am not a body but a spiritual being. “

Naidoo, Wendler, Hildmann: Conspiracy theories are widespread in show business

In view of such statements, the sympathy for the lateral thinkers does not really come as a surprise. It is more astonishing how widespread conspiracy theories and skepticism towards science seem to be in times of the pandemic, especially in show business.

There is the aforementioned Naidoo, who, like pop singer Michael Wendler, was banned from various TV channels because of his crude theories. And of course the former TV chef and current right-wing extremist Attila Hildmann, who is now wanted by arrest warrant and has gone into hiding.

The three may be extreme examples, but Til Schweiger has also joked several times about the Robert Koch Institute and the Corona measures, TV presenter Sonja Zietlow distributed questionable posts last spring. The list could be expanded to include a few more names, now Nena is also added. There was criticism on social media for showing solidarity with the demonstrators from Kassel, but there was also encouragement. From vaccination opponents, from Corona measure critics, from the esoteric scene, but also from the far right.

What Nena, the former face of the peace movement, thinks about it is not known. Neither the singer nor her management have commented or distanced themselves from the post. Which is probably not necessary at all. Because Nena’s expressions of sympathy for the lateral thinkers were so clear that actually no questions remain unanswered.

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Germany isolates itself for fear of virus variants. While the number of new corona infections is largely falling in neighboring countries, mutations have been detected in almost every country.

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