Nena sympathizes with the lateral thinker demo: that’s what Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen thinks


With her thanks to the “lateral thinkers” demonstrators in Kassel, singer Nena amazed many. Her old companion, the keyboardist and composer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, tells t-online his impressions of the NDW singer.

With “99 Luftballons” or “Somehow, somewhere, sometime” the band Nena wrote music history. Even in the USA, “99 Luftballons” was able to take number 1 on the charts. It is often forgotten that Nena was not “just” the singer, but that the band Nena consisted of several musicians. One of them was keyboard player Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen until the dissolution in 1987. He wrote the music for the hits.

t-online: You were part of the band Nena. How did you experience the singer Nena as a person?

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Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen: In our song “99 air balloons”, the lines “The neighbors didn’t gather anything and immediately felt turned on, while 99 balloons were shot on the horizon” a situation similar to the current one: namely, that it can be devastating without precise knowledge judging the actual situation and acting out of panic. I personally know Nena as an impulsive person, with whom you shouldn’t weigh every utterance on the gold scales. In any case, she is neither “crazy” nor has she ever had any sympathy for politically extreme ideas. On the contrary!

What do you think of your current comments on the “Querdenker” demo in Kassel?

Nena had already made it clear in an earlier statement that she is not a corona denier. I was not there in Kassel and based my assessment on the official notification from the Kassel police. Namely, that the participants apparently came predominantly from the middle-class camp and generally showed no discernible tendency towards violent actions. I suppose Nena wanted to express her sympathy with these citizens who have exercised their basic right to freedom of expression, but that is just my speculation.

Do you share Nena’s rather positive opinion of the “lateral thinkers” critical of the government or do you distance yourself from them?

The fundamental right to freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution is our greatest and inviolable good. This inviolable asset is, as has been legally confirmed several times by the courts, frivolously suppressed by what is evidently often panic-driven and confused action by the federal government. Much more careful handling of our fundamental rights is urgently required here. A really sensitive weighing of these high goods is not recognizable for me with many pandemic restrictions of the government.

Similar allegations against Nena as early as 2020

After her much-discussed social media posting the singer has not yet commented on the subject again. Already at the time of the release of their current album “Licht”, the NDW big name attracted attention because it supposedly sympathized with “lateral thinkers”.

“I have my common sense, which breaks down the information and the scare tactics that pour in from the outside into all its individual parts,” wrote the musician under an Instagram post. “And so it is possible for me not to let myself be dragged into the darkness hypnotized by fear.” However denied their management Back then it was quick to say that she was a corona denier.

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Nena sympathizes lateral thinker demo Uwe FahrenkrogPetersen thinks


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