Nepp: Ludwig’s lockdown for Vienna is a wrong decision


Infections will shift to private apartments – FPÖ calls for controlled opening

Vienna (OTS) The Vienna FPÖ boss, City Councilor Dominik Nepp, describes the total lockdown for Vienna announced today as a “wrong decision”. “It is an illusion that people will not meet at Easter this year either. Instead of taking controlled opening steps, the Viennese are pushed into their own four walls, where the risk of infection is much higher at private get-togethers, ”criticizes Nepp.

The recent school closings are incomprehensible to Nepp, especially where the students were regularly tested. “These burdens for students and parents have become unbearable. Many students struggle with mental health problems ”, Nepp continues.

The Easter lockdown is also economically catastrophic for retailers. “There will be no substitute for sales and thus a total loss. That means thousands of additional unemployed and thus the loss of economic existence, ”explains Nepp.

To call the coming total lockdown “Easter rest” is a mockery of the citizens. “The mayor should no longer plant the Viennese. For people, an Easter break is a cozy get-together and not being locked in their own apartment, ”says Nepp.

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Nepp Ludwigs lockdown Vienna wrong decision


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