“Neuro-Covid” puzzles researchers: loss of taste and smell


Loss of sense of smell or taste due to Corona: The neural effects of Covid-19 continue to puzzle science.

  • Corona in Germany: New study from Essen examines “Neuro Covid” symptoms.
  • The Corona-Pandemie provides the science always faced with new challenges.
  • Corona-News: According to the study arguably also a connection between mortality and the neural effects of a Covid-19 disease.

Kassel – The Corona-Pandemie provides the science always faced with new puzzles. Probably the best-known corona symptom, the loss of smell or taste is one of them. These Symptoms, the one Covid-19 disease can survive are due to the nervous system.

This kind of long-term neurological sequelae compared to others Diseases represent a special feature are now under „Neuro-Covid“ summarized. Even more severe effects on the human neural system are now associated with a Corona infection known. These include strokes.

Corona and the Brain: Neural Impact Study

International scientists have been investigating for months what causes these neuronal symptoms and damage. Just the question of whether it is Coronavirus is of interest to the researchers.

At the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen, a team of researchers is also working on the phenomenon of “Neuro-Covid”. The scientists have a new one for this Corona-Studie released.

“Neuro Covid” after corona infection: study evaluates data from over 100 patients

The team around Prof. Dr. Christoph Kleinschnitz, the director of the Neurology Clinic in Essen, examined more than 100 patients Covid-19 got sick. The subjects were between the ages of 20 and 95 years. According to the publication, it occurred in 60 percent of patients Researcher to so-called “Neuro-Covid” symptoms, that is Corona Symptoms in the field of neurology.

New corona study: Covid-19 often hits the neural system. (Symbol image)

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To severe neurological complaints, such as Cerebral hemorrhage or Strokes, it occurred in almost a quarter of the patients, the researchers said. Easy Symptoms, such as general physical weakness, were also found in a quarter of the study participants.

Corona study: 80 percent had previous illnesses

The study but also showed that in 80 percent of patients with severe Symptoms already had a previous neurological disease. Mortality is in patients with severe “Neuro-Covid” effects almost three times higher than with those without, so Kleinschmitz. From the on Covid-19 sick people who do not have “neuro-covid” die around 15 percent.

“The more violently COVID-19 affects the respiratory tract, the more difficult it is for Neuro Covid”

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kleinschnitz, Director of the Clinic for Neurology at the University Hospital Essen

At half the Sick people with a severe course, the so-called blood-brain barrier was damaged. This represents the body’s own barrier between the bloodstream and the brain In addition, inflammatory substances were detected in the brain tissue fluid in these people. At 35 percent of the “Neuro Covid” cases it was even possible to detect antibodies against the body’s own nerve tissue. According to the Researchers these factors play a role in the development of so-called “neuro-covid” symptoms. (Lucas Maier)

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NeuroCovid puzzles researchers loss taste smell


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