New annual mobile phone flat rate with 36 GB for a one-off 79.99 euros

0 now offers an affordable annual flat rate including an all-network flat rate and 36 GB LTE data volume at a top price. Find out all the details here.

At you will now find, after Aldi Talk, Edeka, O2 and Telekom, also an annual prepaid mobile phone tariff package with a high data volume of 36 GB and an all-network flat rate. In other words: You pay one time in advance and can then surf, phone and text on your mobile device for a year.

Click here for the offer: Inexpensive annual package with 36 GB and all-network flat rate

The conditions

  • Provider:

  • Network: O2

  • Data volume: 36 GB for 1 year = 3 GB per month

  • Flat Telefonie & SMS

  • One-time costs: 79.99 euros | Tariff: 69.99 euros (+ 10 euros one-time provision price for the SIM card)

  • Duration: 12 months

  • Can only be used in Germany

  • Tethering: allowed

  • Data automatic: no

For whom a prepaid annual package is worthwhile

The tariff is worthwhile for you if you do not want to be bound by a contract. Because the contract simply expires after one year, so you don’t have to actively cancel. If you still want to continue using the tariff, the next 12 months will only cost 69.99 euros, as the SIM card deployment price of 10 euros is no longer applicable. Or you can then continue to use the tariff services that can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Click here for the offer: Inexpensive annual package with 36 GB and all-network flat rate

Important to know:

You have 3 GB of LTE data volume (LTE 21.6 Mbit / s) available per month. So you cannot save the data volume and then, for example, use up the full 36 GB while on vacation. If the monthly volume has been used up, you will continue surfing more slowly.’s annual flat rate is a national tariff – data roaming and outgoing calls abroad and from abroad are not possible.

Conditions in comparison

There are other providers who have annual packages on offer. For example Aldi Talk, O2 or Edeka. Here you can find the conditions of other providers:

  • Aldi Talk: 12 GB for 59.99 euros | 40 GB for 99.99 euros | 100 GB for 149.99 euros

  • Tchibo: 36 GB for 99 euros

  • O2: 12 GB for 69.99 euros

  • Edeka: 12 GB for 59.99 euros 24 GB for 94.95 euros

  • Telekom: 24 GB (5G) for 99.95 euros

PC-WELT tariff calculator

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