New battle trailer and start of digital pre-order


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THQ Nordic has released a new combat trailer for the action role-playing game Biomutant. Digital pre-sales are also starting, including Steam, Origin, GOG and the Epic Games Store. The Biomutant Atomic Edition is available from selected retailers for 400 euros.

The action role-playing game Biomutant will be released on May 25, 2021. Around two months before the launch, the developers have uploaded a new battle trailer and are announcing the start of the digital presentations. If you are interested in the PC version, you can order it from Steam, Origin, Gamesplanet, GOG or the Epic Games Store. In addition, Biomutant can of course also be pre-ordered for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Who Biomutant digitally pre-ordered, “Der Mercenary” will be awarded as a bonus. It is also part of the Collector’s Edition and the Atomic Edition, even if you buy them later. Standard box versions do not contain the code for “The Mercenary”. Alternatively, you can still buy the mercenary DLC after the launch. According to THQ Nordic, the mercenary offers a unique combination of perks with two-handed combat as a starting ability. If you want to use terms from the real world, he is armed with a kind of classic katana and the shorter wakizashi sword.

Biomutant Atomic Edition for 400 euros

A Biomutant Collector’s Edition goes on sale at an RRP of 109.99 euros for PCs and 119.99 euros for consoles. In addition to the actual game, it contains a character of the game hero, fabric artwork (DIN A1), the soundtrack, a premium box and the mercenary DLC.

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In addition, a EUR 399.99 Biomutant Atomic Edition is available from selected retailers. In addition to the game, buyers receive a detailed diorama (60 cm long, 25 cm wide, 30 cm high), a steelbook, a T-shirt (size L / XL), a mousepad (80 cm x 35 cm) and a fabric artwork (DIN A1), the soundtrack, a premium box and the mercenary DLC.

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