New car registrations in the EU continue to decline


Uncertainty in the corona pandemic and lockdown measures continue to weigh on car demand. In February the minus was 19.3 percent.

The EU car market is still clearly under the influence of the corona crisis. In February, new car registrations fell by 19.3 percent to 771,486 cars compared to the same month last year, as the European manufacturers association ACEA announced on Wednesday in Brussels. That was the weakest month of February since 2013. In Austria, the decline was comparatively small at 5.7 percent to 19,863 vehicles.

Measures to contain Covid-19 and uncertainties continued to weigh heavily on demand, the association said. After the first two months there is a minus of 21.7 percent. In all of the larger markets the declines were in double digits, with Italy still looking best with minus 12 percent. Germany and France were down by 20 percent, Spain at minus 38 percent.

Among the manufacturers, the VW group drove a minus of 17 percent in new registrations, BMW (including Mini) was better off with minus 9 percent. Daimler (Mercedes and Smart) registered almost a fifth fewer vehicles.

In Europe, the market collapsed last year with the first lockdowns, especially from March and even more sharply in April, but the effects were barely noticeable in the first two months of the year. In the coming months, the numbers are therefore likely to look less drastic compared to last year. Nevertheless, the situation is explosive – there are regionally different lockdowns in Europe still in force and there is a threat of a so-called third wave in the number of infections.

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car registrations continue decline


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