New COVID-19 infections in daycare centers are increasing significantly



According to the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Franziska Giffey, around 75 percent of the places are currently occupied in daycare centers in Germany.
The SPD politician spoke on Tuesday after consultations with representatives from the federal government, states, municipalities, trade unions, parents and daycare in the “Corona-Kita-Rat” of a regionally different situation. However, in all federal states, as in the general population, also in daycare centers and among daycare children, a significant increase in new infections is visible.

The number of reported cases in the age group from 0 to 5 has quadrupled since mid-February. Last week, 6318 cases were reported in this age group, with around three million daycare children in around 56,000 facilities.

High rate of vaccination invitations

Almost all daycare professionals have now received an invitation to vaccinate and many first vaccinations have already been given, said Giffey. She again demanded that daycare children also be more involved in testing. In the meantime, spit tests that are “absolutely child-friendly and reasonable” are also permitted. The federal states have to procure these and not just focus on the schools.
They want to try everything to keep daycare and school operations going, because of the severe psychological stress and stressful situation for parents and children when the facilities are closed. “That is why we have no other option than to significantly extend the testing to the daycare children.”

Children are less likely to transmit the virus

Giffey also spoke about the first results from the ongoing Corona daycare study. These showed that daycare children are likely to pass the virus on to their contacts less often than adults. It announced further results for May.
The “Corona-Kita-Rat” was launched at the end of August. He advises on the situation once a month. There is also the daycare study implemented by the German Youth Institute and the Robert Koch Institute. She researches the role of children in the infection process. (dpa)

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COVID19 infections daycare centers increasing significantly


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