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You have access to the Prime Video offer either with an individual subscription or as an Amazon Prime customer. The advantages of Amazon Prime include free premium shipping for online shopping and the music offering from Amazon Prime Music, which can be used at no additional cost, as well as the film and series flat rate Amazon Prime Video. There you will find films, series and documentaries among other things. And in April 2021, some exciting new starts are on the program again.

New series on Prime Video in April 2021

There will be no brand new series in April 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. At least not in the classic sense. But if you’d like to smile a bit, we recommend you take a look at “LOL: Last One Laughing”. Whoever laughs last, laughs the longest in this show: In the six-part Amazon Original Comedy Show, ten German comedy greats – including Anke Engelke, Kurt Krömer, Mirko Nontschew and Teddy Teclebrhan – face the challenge of not laughing for six hours. Everyone is encouraged to make each other laugh with a lot of creativity and physical effort. All of this takes place under the watchful eyes and camera lenses of host Michael Bully Herbig, who observes every facial derailment of the comedy stars from his control room.

Shouldn’t it be a classic series? Then you could „Invincible“ to give a chance. It’s the first season of the Amazon Original and starts March 26th and tells the story of Mark, a 17-year-old teenager. He’s actually like any other young man his age – apart from the fact that his father is the most powerful superhero in the world, Omni-Man. As Mark begins to develop powers himself, he discovers that his father’s legacy may not be quite as heroic as it seems.

Would you like a little more ambition? Then the first season of “Temperance” be right for you. Based on the bestselling novel by María Dueñas, the romantic drama takes place in the late 19th century. The Amazon Original Series follows the story of Soledad Montalvo and Mauro Larrea, a successful woman and a successful man, whose fates meet in a fascinating place at an exciting time. It’s a story about overcoming adversity and finding your own place in the world, about building an empire and how you can lose everything in just one day – but also about adventures in exotic countries and second chances.

The following table tells you which series restarts you can look forward to in April 2021. It also gives you an outlook on other newly announced projects at Prime Video for which there is no specific start date:

title Season retrievable from
Invincible 1 26th of March
Temperance 1 26th of March
The Magicians 5 26th of March
Chuck 1-5 1. April
Containment 1 1. April
Krypton 1-2 1. April
Black-Ish 1-6 5. April
Swamp Thing 1 9. April
The 100 1-7 9. April
Pretty Little Liars 1-7 15. April
The Underground Railroad 1 14. May
Lord of the rings 1 2021
The Devil’s Hour 1 2021
The Expanse 6 2021
The beehive 2 End of 2021
A League of Their Own 1 still unknown
Bosch 7 still unknown
Goliath 4 still unknown
Lord of the rings 2 still unknown
Hunters 2 still unknown
I know what you did last summer 1 still unknown
Star Trek: Picard 2 still unknown
Paper Girls 1 still unknown
The Boys 3 still unknown
The Peripheral 1 still unknown
Things I Know to be True 1 still unknown
Upload 2 still unknown

New films on Amazon Prime Video in April 2021

Should it be a film rather than a series? Then you can look forward to two in-house productions from Amazon on Prime Video in April 2021. In „Voyagers“ From April 30th, the future of the human race is at stake. A group of young men and women trained for intelligence and obedience go on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. But when they uncover troubling secrets about the mission, they defy their training and explore its primitive nature. While life on the ship sinks into chaos, fear, lust and the insatiable hunger for power are her constant companions.

Details on further film restarts on Prime Video – including in April 2021, among other things „The Legend of Tarzan“, „Blutzbrüdaz“ and the documentary film “Black Eagle”can be found in the following table:

title Available from Remarks
Harry Potter 1-8 26th of March
Love between the seas 26th of March
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 26th of March
The Goldfish 26th of March
Legacy of Lies 27th of March
Papillon 27th of March
Outbreak March 29
Everest March 31
John Wick 1. April
Army of One 2. April
Blutzbrüdaz 3. April
Snitch a risky deal 3. April
All Inclusive (Couples Retreat) 4. April
Bad Samaritan in the sights of the killer 4. April
Tomiris 4. April
Framing Britney Spears 5. April Amazon Exclusive
Girl On The Train 5. April
Grandma’s Boy 5 April
The Factory 6. April
The Secret: Dare to Dream 6. April
Ask the Dust 7. April
47 Ronin 8. April
Black Water: Abyss 11. April
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 12. April
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret 12. April
Radioactive 12. April
Gold 13. April
Miraculously (Charlie St. Cloud) 13. April
The Festival 14. April
Black eagles 15. April
Wonder Woman 15. April
The Legend of Tarzan 16. April
American Sniper 17. April
Follow Me 18. April
Winchester 19. April
Schlingensief – Screaming Into The Silence 20. April
3096 days 21. April
Stay 21. April
Clear to cloudy 22. April
The Propaganda Game 22. April
The Climb 23. April
The Vigil 23. April
American Beauty 24. April
Out of nowhere 24. April
Magic of Love (Feast Of Love) 24. April
Body of Lies 25. April
Ender’s Game The big game 28 April
Better Living Through Chemistry 29. April
Run 30. April
Voyagers 30. April Amazon Exclusive

An overview of all currently available film titles can be viewed on the Amazon Prime Video homepage or via the associated apps.

What does Amazon Prime Video cost?

A Prime subscription from Amazon is required to use Amazon Prime Video. New customers have the option of using Amazon Prime free of charge for 30 days. Thereafter, 7.99 euros per month are due for the service. Alternatively, there is also the option of opting for an annual subscription. This currently costs 69 euros in Germany and Austria, or 5.75 euros per month. Students have the opportunity to use Amazon Prime Student for one year free of charge and then receive a 50 percent discount on Prime membership. You can use Amazon with an annual subscription for 34 euros.

Various extras are available free of charge for Prime customers. These include the following services:

Prime Video

Unlimited streaming of thousands of films and series episodes including download function for offline use.

Prime Music

Over 2 million songs and the Bundesliga live – without advertising. It is important to note that many brand new songs are initially not available via Prime Music. A Music Unlimited subscription is required for this.

Prime Minister Photos

Unlimited storage for photos in Amazon Drive. Gone are the days when you had to worry about the limited storage space on your own smartphone.

Prime Reading

A limited e-book flat rate is also part of the subscription. Hundreds of e-books, e-magazines, comics, and Kindle singles are available to Prime customers at no extra charge. Ideal for the next vacation or for a longer train or plane trip. But here, too, the following applies: The selection of e-books is limited.

Free premium shipping

Millions of items are sent faster for Prime members than for Standard customers. In addition, a free same-day delivery service is available in 20 metropolitan regions – ordered today, a few hours later the parcel service with the desired goods is on the doorstep.

Premium access to lightning deals

Every day Amazon offers its customers thousands of special offers. Prime customers can access these same offers with bargain potential 30 minutes earlier.

Amazon Family

Up to 20 percent discount on diapers and baby food as part of a savings subscription as well as exclusive discounts and promotions.

By the way: If you are interested in new series on Netflix or the latest series on Sky, we have the right overviews for you. We’ll also keep you up to date on the reboots at Disney + on a monthly basis.

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