New game in the WW1 game series: “Isonzo” announced


Alpine FPS Isonzo is announced for PC, Xbox Series S / X & Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 & 4! Experience authentic mountain warfare on the Italian front in the newest entry in the WW1 Game Series out later this year!

Alpine warfare on the Italian front
Isonzo takes place on the southern front of World War I and immerses the player in the titanic battle between the Kingdom of Italy and Austria-Hungary. Inspired by the two-year battle for the Isonzo River, Isonzo sends players to new World War I battlefields that are both beautiful and deadly. The fights take place between the picturesque peaks, rugged valleys and idyllic cities of northern Italy. The brand new game mode Offensive puts the player in the middle of the most important historical offensives on the Italian front, from the high altitude battles in the Alps to the bitter battles around the Isonzo.

New to the WW1 game series
Developer and M2H co-founder Matt Hergaarden said: “The Italian Front was the perfect opportunity for us to expand the WW1 Game Series, both figuratively and literally! The alpine warfare in the Isonzo brings many new game mechanics to the series, along with the all-new Italian army battling Austria-Hungary. We can’t wait to show more of what we’ve been working on – there are many exciting revelations along the way! ”

Isonzo is the third game in the WW1 Game Series and introduces players to high-altitude warfare in northeast Italy. Tannenberg revolves around the large-scale war of maneuvers on the Eastern Front, and Verdun – the game that started it all – lets players immerse themselves in the intense trench warfare on the Western Front.

Isonzo builds on the rock-solid and authentic basis of the WW1 Game Series, taking the intensity of Verdun and combining it with the size of Tannenberg. It’s breaking new ground in the Alps with a complete feature overhaul – including a brand new, historically-oriented game mode – to take the series to the next level and immerse players like never before!

Authentic battle at high altitude
Accurately modeled weapons, uniforms and sound effects immerse the player in the battlefields of the First World War. Everything in Isonzo, right down to trench designs and landmark landmarks, has been recreated from historical sources – from films and diaries to modern photos of the battlefields taken on research trips. The new game mode “Offensive” challenges players to lead the attack through breathtaking Italian landscapes or to prepare their defense on dynamic battlefields. The tactical situation can change at any moment!

Respond to the conditions on the battlefield by carefully choosing your role and equipment: shoot down enemy pioneers from the mountain slopes to keep them from cutting your wire, use rifle grenades to hit enemy strong points on the evacuate the other side of the river, or call in artillery strikes as an officer. This is a battle for the fate of nations and both sides will unleash their vast arsenals of weapons. From bayonets to machine guns to mortars and rifle grenades, players can operate everything – and if that’s not enough, they can call for assistance with heavy artillery, bombing, or deadly poison gas.

The great war on the Italian front is brought to life and lifted to unimagined heights! But remember – it is not the mountain that we conquer, but the enemy.

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