New Marvel series is reminiscent of sinister MCU past


Warning, spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The new MCU series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier explores the legacy of Steve Rogers and the Captain America successor. In episode 2, the surprising appearance of a forgotten Marvel hero reveals the dark chapter in the history of the super soldier serum.

In the episode The Stars and Stripes Man, Bucky and Sam meet him War veteran Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly), a super soldier whose existence was never made public. But fans of the Marvel Comics know that he is much more: the first black Captain America.

The Forgotten Marvel Hero: Isaiah Bradley was the first black Captain America

Isaiah Bradley first appeared in the 2003 comic book Truth: Red, White & Black, which tells the story of the first black Captain America. Bradley was one of 300 black soldiersthat became part of human experiments during World War II. Scientist Dr. Reinstein the super soldier serum that made Steve Rogers Captain America.

Watch the video recap for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 2:

Bucky & Sam vs Flagsmashers, Captain America in Action | The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Folge 2


Bradley was the only survivor and fought Nazis in Europe with a Captain America shield. After his return he was sent to prison for many years, where the US government carried out experiments with his DNA.

Over the years the serum has left severe damage and Bradley was just a shadow of himself. In the black community he is considered a legend, as first black Captain America.

Isaiah Bradley

This story has now been modified for the MCU. Instead of the Second World War, the served MCU-Isaiah im Koreakrieg. After mutating into a super soldier from the serum, he was deployed in Korea to fight the Winter Soldier in 1951.

As in the Marvel comics, Isaiah is locked away after the war. Instead of being celebrated as an American hero, he sits Behind bars for 30 yearswhere both the US government and HYDRA are experimenting with him. In Baltimore he now lives impoverished with his grandson Eli Bradley (Elijah Richardson).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: That’s why Isaiah Bradley is still important to Sam and the MCU

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier explores the question of whether Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) will succeed Steve Rogers as Captain America. His hesitation has already been punished because the US government has already chosen John Walker as the new cap.

Isaiah Bradley im MCU

However, it is an open secret that Sam at the end of the series the new Captain America in the MCU will. His successor as the Falcon has also already been presented to us. The path to this development also brings with it a dispute about what it means to fight for the USA as a black superhero.

This is where Isaiah’s past comes in. That the US has its first black super soldier – and, in principle, its second Captain America – deleted from history will probably force Sam to rethink. So he could finally accept the shield in order To honor Bradley’s exploits and become a symbol.

But Isaiah Bradley is set to make even bigger waves in the MCU. We only got to see his grandson Eli Bradley for a short time, who in the Marvel Comics later also received superpowers through his grandfather’s blood and as a patriot that Young Avengers team strengthened.

After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: All 17 new Marvel series at a glance

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