New Nintendo console should come with OLED and 4K on TV


Nintendo could plan a new version of the Switch console with an OLED display. At least that’s what a report by the Bloomberg news portal suggests. Accordingly, Nintendo ordered OLED displays from Samsung, which are intended for a new version of the popular handheld. At 7 inches, the panels should be slightly larger than the screens currently installed in the switch (6.2 inches). However, the resolution should still be 720p.

Despite the same popular resolution, OLED screens would offer many visible advantages compared to LCD technology, which is used in the current generation. In addition to significantly higher contrasts, OLED may also offer a better response time, which is particularly useful for a console. The only drawback is the higher purchase price.

Nintendo Switch

However, since the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, not only the resolution of the internal display plays an important role, the output to an external monitor in dock mode is also relevant. Nintendo seems to be planning an upgrade here. While the console has so far been able to display content on televisions with a maximum of Full HD, the next generation should also be able to output the image in 4K resolution.

Nintendo recently published its financial figures for the past year. Accordingly, the switch console has now sold over 80 million times. According to information, the company benefited above all from the corona virus pandemic. But the hype surrounding individual Switch-exclusive titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons also boosted sales. It therefore only seems logical that Nintendo is already working on a successor. However, it is still unclear when a new switch can be expected. Only recently, the incumbent Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa rejected an early announcement.

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Nintendo console OLED


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