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News from the Kensington Palace: Duchess Kate has realized a project close to her heart. There is a note from her to announce it, along with a new portrait of the 39-year-old.

Photo series with 18 pictures

After her photo project on the mood in Great Britain during the corona pandemic, Duchess Kate is now publishing a book with 100 portraits – also with the title “Hold Still”. Prince William’s wife announced the news in personal words on Instagram. In addition, a new picture of Kate was published.

Duchess Kate is a passionate amateur photographer herself. She regularly takes photos of her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, which the palace publishes on birthdays, for example. Now there was a new picture of herself and that probably expresses how much she is enthusiastic about photography. The 39-year-old was photographed in a meadow in front of a large tree – presumably in autumn. She is wearing a red sweater, looks out of the picture and holds a camera in her hand. On the post, she shared a few words on the new photo book, signed with C for Catherine.

“A permanent record of what we’ve all experienced”

“With ‘Hold Still,’ I wanted to harness the power of photography to create a permanent record of what we’ve all experienced,” wrote the mother of three. It’s about capturing the stories of individuals and documenting important moments for families and communities.

“When we look back on the Covid-19 pandemic in a few decades, we will remember the challenges we faced – the loved ones we lost, the extensive isolation from our families and friends and the strain on our key forces”, so Kate. “But we will also think of the positive sides: the incredible acts of kindness, the helpers and heroes who have emerged from all areas of life, and how we have adapted together to a new normal.”

As patron of the photo project, Kate had invited people from the kingdom to submit photographic portraits that they took during these extraordinary times. The most poignant portraits were selected for a virtual exhibition. The aim was a collective portrait of the nation.

The pandemic has hit the country hard. More than 126,000 people in the UK have now died with or from Covid-19. The profit from the book, which will be available for purchase from May 7th, is set to be split between the mental health charity Mind and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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