New Poco-Phones, higher prices, Mi Car and a lot more


Xiaomi always stirs up a lot of dust, the Chinese smartphone brand also causes a lot of media hype in the run-up to events. Among other things, with various announcements about new devices that should be made a few days after this article. Xiaomi has already revealed which devices it will be, and various details about the new smartphones and gadgets have been revealed.

Event is imminent: Mi Mix, Mi Band 6, Mi 11 Ultra and more

A big event from Xiaomi is scheduled for March 29th, where we will see new Android smartphones in the upper price range. This includes the Mi 11 Ultra with a new camera sensor and a new type of battery. Also the first Mi Mix after a few years break, which has a camera with a “liquid” lens and is possibly a foldable. It shouldn’t stop with smartphones, the Mi Band 6 will continue a successful series from Monday.

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PocoPhones higher prices Car lot


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