Next-gen update for Xbox Series X planned for April


Warframe is celebrating its birthday and the developers give an insight into what awaits us in Warframe in the future.
In the 153rd dev stream, the Warframe developers looked into the past and into the future. The update 29.10 was illuminated again and there was a small preview of what you will find in the quest “The call of the Tempestarii“Will be expected.

There is also something to celebrate. Warframe is celebrating its eight year anniversary. This means that players who log in during the anniversary celebrations will receive the “Dex Rhino” skin. Further details will be announced in the near future.

If you want to watch the entire stream again, you can do so in the following video:

The most important information included:

  • The Xbox Series X update is still planned for April
  • Lotus Gift Alerts are available for 24 hours after the stream
  • Easter starts on March 31st with recurring seasonal content on all platforms
  • We are working hard on a simultaneous release for Update 30 in April – more details can be found in the “in Dev” thread
  • A little reminder: the studio will be closed until September 2021. This means that TennoCon 2021 is digital. Further information will be provided later.

“The Call of the Tempestarii” is said to be a shorter quest and include a mysterious ship. It will be one of the first quests that will have a deeper historical background. The following video provides a little insight.

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Nextgen update Xbox Series planned April


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