Next Qatar protest from Norway – the Netherlands also takes part


The Norwegian national soccer team with top star Erling Haaland called again on Saturday to protect human rights in Qatar and found another comrade in the Netherlands team. Before the encounter against Turkey, Haaland and Co. wore T-shirts with the inscription “Human rights on and next to the square. Norway, Germany – who next? ”.

The answer was given at the same time by the Dutch, who met Latvia in a model test in front of 5,000 spectators in Amsterdam. On the shirts of the Oranje players the slogan “Football Supports Change” was to be read, which is supposed to initiate a campaign of the same name. Denmark is also participating in the campaign, with other teams to follow.

The slogan was also featured on armbands. “We wear these pads to promote freedom, tolerance and inclusion. Football should support change. Also in Qatar. In Qatar we want to become world champions, but not without thinking outside the box, ”said a statement from the new movement. The Dutch association KNVB declared that it had already opposed the World Cup host Qatar in 2010.

The encounter in Amsterdam was also a special one on the field: the game was led by referee Stephanie Frappart from France, who was the first woman in the world to whistle a game in the men’s World Cup qualification. On Sunday, Katerina Monsul (Ukraine) will also lead the game between Austria and the Faroe Islands.

There will also be protests in support of the workers in Qatar on Sunday by the Danish national team before the World Cup qualifier against the Republic of Moldova. “The players decided to point out the need for changes in Qatar,” said the Danish federation.

Qatar has been criticized for years by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International for exploiting guest workers. The English Guardian recently reported that several thousand people have died on stadium construction sites since the World Cup was awarded to the emirate in 2010.

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Qatar protest Norway Netherlands takes part


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