NHL fired him: the referee wanted to attach a “damned penalty” to Roman Josis Predators



What was the aim of the NHL referee Tim Peel with this action? The league didn’t like it at all and fired the 53-year-old.

Tim Peel’s statement is easy to hear.

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  • NHL referee Tim Peel wanted to impose a penalty on the Nashville Predators.

  • That could be heard clearly through the microphones.

  • The league therefore fired the referee veteran.

  • The 53-year-old would have wanted to end his career at the end of April anyway.

Mistakes happen, that’s human. But there are those that shouldn’t be happening. And there are those that no one should see or hear. This has now also become clear to the NHL referee Tim Peel. The 53-year-old veteran, who has arbitrated over 1,300 games in the NHL, made a serious mistake in the game of Roman Josis Nashville Predators against the Detroit Red Wings.

Referee Tim Peel made a mistake, but the NHL dismissed him.


The refs in the NHL know that they are wired, so the fans can experience their comments live. Either Peel wasn’t aware of it anymore or he thought he couldn’t be heard at the time when he said, “” It wasn’t much, but I just wanted to give Nashville a bloody punishment. ” And yes, there really wasn’t much that Viktor Arvidsson had to do from the ice cream – one commentator clearly says: “Oh man, that’s such a swallow.”

It is not known why Peel insisted on pronouncing this punishment. However, it is not uncommon for referees to whistle compensatory penalties. This means that if they fail to punish an act once, they will pronounce the punishment for it at a later point in time. It is not clear whether that was the case in this game.

In any case, the NHL clearly disliked this slip and the league reacted: They fired the referee. But now you have to know that this is not such a cruel punishment. Because Peel was planning to end his career at the end of April anyway, as Canadian sports journalist Elliotte Friedman writes on Twitter.

Incidentally, Josi’s Predators did not have the penalty, the Red Wings did not score a goal – not in the entire game, the Predators won 2-0. Josi, the captain of the Preds, contributed an assist to the 1-0. The Bernese had just returned to the team against Detroit after recovering from an injury.

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NHL fired referee wanted attach damned penalty Roman Josis Predators


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