Nidwalden – Corona vaccinations are now to be continued at the targeted pace – broad population is planned from May



Corona vaccinations are now to be continued at the targeted pace – the general public is planned from May

Because of the delivery bottlenecks at the vaccine manufacturers, patience is still required from those from Nidwalden who are willing to vaccinate. Now the vaccinations should go ahead as planned.

(sez) In Nidwalden, vaccinations are currently under way for people over 75, the chronically ill with an increased risk, and health workers who come into contact with patients. After delivery bottlenecks at manufacturers of vaccines approved in Switzerland, the announced quantities of vaccine doses are now arriving regularly again, as the State Chancellery of the canton of Nidwalden writes in a message.

Bar chart of the people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the canton of Nidwalden since the beginning of February 2021.

Source: PD / State Chancellery Nidwalden

So far, the canton of Nidwalden has received 8,690 vaccination doses. Of these, 6586 doses have already been administered, whereby it should be noted that a second vaccination dose is reserved for each first vaccinated person in order to be able to keep the recommended period of three to four weeks between the two vaccinations. According to the State Chancellery, 9.8 percent of the population who can theoretically be vaccinated have received at least the first vaccination. This makes Nidwalden one of the cantons with the highest vaccination rate.

Current status of the vaccination campaign in the canton of Nidwalden as of March 24, 2021.

Current status of the vaccination campaign in the canton of Nidwalden as of March 24, 2021.

Source: PD / State Chancellery Nidwalden

In parallel to the vaccinations in the risk groups, vaccinations of the health staff with patient contact also take place in the respective facility. All residents of retirement and nursing homes who are willing to vaccinate have already been vaccinated twice. The delays mentioned at the beginning would have a major impact on the cantonal vaccination plan, as the message says. The next following groups of people would probably have to wait until the end of April until they receive a specific vaccination appointment. This includes the 65 to 74-year-olds, the care staff and other close contacts of particularly vulnerable people as well as adults in communal facilities with an increased risk of outbreaks.

Vaccinations for the general population are delayed

The start of vaccinating the general public has to be postponed to around mid-May. From this point in time at the latest, it will also be possible to register on an Internet platform and to make an appointment online either with the family doctor or with a pharmacy – always provided that the planned quantities of vaccine doses are actually delivered. As things stand today, the health department is assuming that a third to half of the population of Nidwalden will be vaccinated by the end of June. The whole vaccination campaign should be completed in late summer.

Provided that the delivery quantities and dates do not change, it can be assumed that a vaccination center will not be necessary, but that the vaccination doses received can be administered in good time via the doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies, the State Chancellery continues to inform. Nevertheless, the plans for the construction and operation of a vaccination center would be continued, for example in the event that more vaccine is available in the canton of Nidwalden in the short term than originally expected. The allocation of vaccination doses to the cantons is carried out by the Federal Office of Public Health and is based on a fixed distribution key.

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Nidwalden Corona vaccinations continued targeted pace broad population planned


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