Night of riot in St. Gallen: “The police were overwhelmed with the situation”



A resident and the night owl SR tell how they witnessed the riots on Friday in St. Gallen. SR does not believe that the youngsters will stay at home in the future.

Police operation on Friday evening in St. Gallen: Several hundred young people celebrated on the Red Square.


  • In several Swiss cities, celebrations took place illegally on Friday evening.

  • There were even riots in St. Gallen.

  • The riots lasted long into the night.

  • Rubber shot, firecrackers, bottles and tablets flew through the air.

On Friday night there were illegal gatherings of partygoers in various Swiss cities. There were desolate scenes in St. Gallen, where rioters engaged in a skirmish with the police that night. As the St. Gallen city police announced, the police broke up an illegal party at the Drei Weieren. The party people then moved on to Red Square.

“I heard firecrackers and rubber shot”

“At first everything was very humane on the Red Square,” says a local resident who was able to watch the St. Gallen riot from her apartment. “At some point the young people began to behave like hooligans and the atmosphere became very loud and aggressive.” It took a long time before the police intervened. “Then bottles and tablets flew through the air and you could hear firecrackers and volleys of rubber shot.”

SR * was present on Red Square. He wanted to have a cozy evening with a few friends outside. “I stood a little apart with my buddies. In the beginning it was a completely normal Friday evening. We didn’t know anything about a party. There were small groups of youngsters everywhere. ” The square has long been a meeting place for night owls who have nowhere else to go.

“The police were overwhelmed”

“But more and more people came to the square until it was finally full,” he says. At some point it would not have been possible to tell the individual groups apart. «I’ve never seen so many people there. Most were very young, around 15-22 years old, ”he says. The initially peaceful mood was then more and more tipped. “A couple of boys have started breaking windows and throwing bottles at night guards,” says SR. The police were already there at this point, but would not have intervened. “At the beginning they blocked the streets so that no cars had to pass through the crowd.”

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Illegal party: Hundreds of young people gathered on the Red Square in St. Gallen on Friday evening.


An eyewitness reported that the young people had already smashed the windows before the police arrived.

An eyewitness reported that the young people had already smashed the windows before the police arrived.

City Police St. Gallen

At 10 p.m. the police moved out with a large contingent.

At 10 p.m. the police moved out with a large contingent.


After 10 p.m., however, the police were in large numbers on the square. SR: “Suddenly there were police officers in full gear, with shield and baton on the square.” The police would have surrounded the partygoers and rioters in Red Square. The meeting could not have dissolved at first, says SR. After a skirmish with the police, the youths spread across the city, according to the SR. “There were people everywhere on the street until 2 o’clock.”

SR doubts that the intervention of the police would have helped in the long term. “If the weather is okay, the boys will also go outside,” he is sure. He, too, will move around the houses in the future as long as nothing else can be done. He will not let himself be deterred by the police.

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Night riot Gallen police overwhelmed situation


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