Night of riot in Stuttgart: kicked an unconscious person in the head


Because he kicked an unconscious student in the head on the night of the riot in Stuttgart, a teenager has to go to jail for years. His companion was also sentenced.

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After a particularly brutal attack on the night of the Stuttgart riot, a young rioter was sentenced to a juvenile prison term of four years and three months for attempted manslaughter, among other things. The Stuttgart district court also found the 17-year-old guilty of breach of the peace, an attack on a police officer and dangerous bodily harm, as a court spokesman announced after the closed trial was over. The young person from Geislingen an der Steige (Göppingen district) had, among other things, kicked an already unconscious student in the head on the heated June night.

19-year-old also convicted of attacking students

The young person’s 19-year-old companion also has to go to prison for the attack on the uninvolved student. The Esslinger was sentenced by the juvenile criminal chamber, among other things, for dangerous bodily harm to two years and ten months.

Victim had stood up against the accused

The 24-year-old student stood up against the rioters and asked them not to throw any more bottles. He was then attacked from behind and fell unconscious to the ground. The two attackers then kicked their victim. According to the public prosecutor’s office, they accepted the student’s death at least approvingly. The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Many suspects are still in custody

The two defendants are among the approximately 130 suspects the police had determined after the riots, looting and damage to property in downtown Stuttgart. Many of them are still in custody, and dozens of others have had their arrest warrants suspended.

Police want to expand the search for suspects

Starting next Monday, the police want to look for more suspects and go public. Mug photos of 17 previously unidentified alleged perpetrators would be published, said a police spokeswoman. There is a judicial order for every single suspect in the pictures. In the nightly clashes after a drug control by the police in June 2020, dozens, mostly young men, rioted in the city of Stuttgart. Dozens of police officers were injured and shop windows destroyed. The incidents made headlines and debates nationwide.

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Night riot Stuttgart kicked unconscious person


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