Nintendo Switch Pro – Price: This is how much money the new console should cost



Nintendo Switch Pro is said to be the next console model of the Switch. Nintendo will also pay for the extra performance. That is how high the price should be.

There are already predictions about the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro. (Source: Screenshot YouTube Zone of Tech)

  • A Nintendo Switch Pro could cost between 350 and 400 euros.
  • The earliest release period is the end of 2021.

Industry experts and fans assume that in the not too distant future Nintendo will release a Nintendo Switch Pro, a new console model with more power than the current Switch.

Rumors of a Switch Pro and higher performance are already increasing. The Bloomberg news agency reports that the price is sure to rise.

Accordingly, the costs should be 20 percent higher than with the current console version. According to Bloomberg, you should come with a price of 350 to 400 euros calculate.

Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch Pro: Concepts

We show you screenshots of concepts for Nintendo Switch 2 and Nintendo Switch Pro.

For example, you should get 4K resolution, a faster CPU, more memory and an OLED screen with the Switch Pro. The release will be in 2021 at the earliest, according to some analysts more likely in 2022. Nintendo has not yet officially announced the device.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Price money console cost


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