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Vorarlberg is sticking to the CoV vaccination plan with AstraZeneca. Health Councilor Martina Rüscher (ÖVP) said the official warning for the drug only states that no anticoagulant drugs – such as aspirin – should be taken with the vaccine. Therefore, AstraZeneca will continue to be vaccinated against women up to 55 years.

More and more EU countries are using AstraZeneca again for coronavirus vaccinations – sometimes after a short break during the exam. The EU Medicines Agency (EMA) rated the vaccine as safe and effective after re-testing. However, she also points out that the bleeding disorders after an AstraZeneca vaccination predominantly affect women up to 55 years of age. In this population group there were few, but sometimes severe and also fatal, coagulation disorders after the vaccination.

Vorarlberg is sticking to the vaccination plan

Nevertheless, Vorarlberg will continue to vaccinate women in this age group with AstraZeneca, says Health Councilor Martina Rüscher (ÖVP). Because the drug warning only means that no blood-thinning agents should be taken together with the vaccine. According to the EMA, it is counterproductive to take an anticoagulant drug as part of a vaccination with AstraZeneca, “like ours, for example, aspirin”.

The warning notices would be changed in this direction, said Rüscher. “There is definitely no statement that women in general or women who take the pill should not be vaccinated with Astra. On the contrary, the vaccine is equally safe for everyone. “

The incidence is 116

In Vorarlberg, the number of corona infections has risen again. On Saturday there were 55 new infections, 28 people were considered recovered. A total of 707 people were actively positive. The increase in infections was not reflected in the hospitals, however: 25 Covid patients required inpatient care on Sunday, there was still only one intensive care patient. No other death related to the virus has been recorded.

With 79 infections, Dornbir – the largest city in the country – recorded more infections than any other municipality in Vorarlberg. It was followed by Hörbranz (77) in front of Feldkirch (51). In 30 of the 96 Vorarlberg municipalities, there were initially no corona cases. The seven-day incidence has also increased – a week ago it was 60, now it is 116.3.

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