‘No Covid’ initiative calls for clearer corona strategy | 03/25/21


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – An alliance of well-known experts from science has criticized the current Corona strategy in Germany. The “No Covid” initiative calls for a clearer strategy in which tools such as contact tracking, tests and vaccinations are better used. Among other things, the alliance criticizes the opening of the corona measures despite increasing infections. Renowned scientists such as Melanie Brinkmann from the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research and Dirk Brockmann from the Humboldt University in Berlin are behind the “No Covid” initiative.

The initiative emphasizes the importance of the 7-day incidence. “In the entire course of the pandemic to date, the incidence values ​​have been closely linked to subsequent, increasing infections in risk groups, hospitalizations, intensive care beds and deaths from Covid-19.” The scientists also present a nine-part toolbox in which they have listed suggestions for better management of the pandemic. This goes, for example, through green zones, which are intended for small communities.

According to the researchers, numerous municipalities in Saxony currently have a very low number of cases. You could therefore start loosening up following the Green Zones strategy and move on to a freer social life. However, the prerequisite is, for example, that they control people’s mobility in consultation with the neighboring communities in order to prevent new entries of the coronavirus./höz/DP/mis

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Covid initiative calls clearer corona strategy


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