Nordic World Ski Championships: ski jumper Kramer again missed an individual medal, gold to Lundby


        The Norwegian Maren Lundby was crowned the first large hill world champion in history.  Sara Marita Kramer, with bad luck, was again only "sheet metal" and struggled with fourth place.  Read about jumping here in the live ticker.        </p><div>
        <p>A worthy World Cup premiere for women ski jumpers on the large hill: Maren Lundby secured the world championship title in an exciting and athletic competition.  The 26-year-old Norwegian outstripped the Japanese World Cup record winner Sara Takanashi and the Slovenian Nika Kriznar, who won silver and bronze, on Wednesday on the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf with jumps to 128 130.5 meters and two perfect telemark landings.  The big ÖSV gold hope Sara Marita Kramer had to be content with a thankless fourth place after 126.5 and 127.5 meters, just like in the normal hill competition.  And again, the 19-year-old from Salzburg had bad luck.  After a suboptimal first run, the wind conditions were more difficult for her final jump.  In the end, 5.2 points were missing from the medal, which was believed to be safe, which is the equivalent of almost three meters.  "My jumps weren't ideal, so I didn't get into my usual flight system," said Kramer, who, like in the normal hill competition, didn't blame anyone else.  "Today I didn't have enough nerves either. Now I'm a bit empty," said the Salzburg woman, but also reminded her that she had won gold in the team competition.</p>            

Chiara Hölzl was eighth as the second best Austrian and was happy, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz ninth and Sophie Sorschag 17. Iraschko-Stolz found the right, comforting words for Kramer, who said: “Some people just have to fight harder in life, but it will come at some point back. I’m sure of that. ”

The experts also agree: In the medium term, Kramer will take women’s ski jumping to a new level. Kramer’s greatest asset is its flight system, which is unparalleled in the women’s world cup. “She has a feeling for the air like no other,” says her club trainer Philipp Amon from SK Saalfelden, who has coached the team world champion since childhood. Perhaps the lack of nerves at her World Cup premiere in Oberstdorf was also a consequence of the past few weeks, after Kramer was disqualified after three World Cup victories in a row because of a non-compliant suit and then experienced an inscrutable corona test riot at the World Cup in Rasnov.

The competition in the live ticker:


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Nordic World Ski Championships ski jumper Kramer missed individual medal gold Lundby


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