Norway makes a new statement against Qatar


Erling Haaland and the Norwegian national team caused a sensation with their Qatar protest against Gibraltar. The Scandinavians also set an example against Turkey – and challenged other nations.

The protests of several national soccer teams against the World Cup in Qatar continue. As in Gibraltar on Wednesday, the Norwegians also set an example against Turkey. Before the game, the players around superstar Erling Haaland entered T-Shirt with the label “Human Rights – on and off the pitch”, in German: Human Rights – on and next to the pitch.

A kind of checklist was visible under the lettering. There was a tick next to the country names Norway and Germany, supplemented by the question of who will be next to point out the conditions for guest workers in Qatar.

To do this, the players held up their flat left hand, which stands for the logo for human rights.

“Football should support change”

The answer to who will protest next came from the Dutch, who met Latvia in a model test in front of 5,000 spectators in Amsterdam. On the shirts of the Oranje players the slogan “Football Supports Change” was to be read, which is supposed to initiate a campaign of the same name. Denmark is also participating in the campaign, with other teams to follow.

The Dutch national team before kick-off. (Source: ANP / imago images)

The slogan was also featured on armbands. “We wear these armbands to support freedom, tolerance and inclusion. Football should support change. Also in Qatar. In Qatar we want to become world champions, but not without thinking outside the box,” said a statement from the new one Move.

The Dutch association KNVB declared that it had already opposed the World Cup host Qatar in 2010.

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Norway statement Qatar


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