Now it’s official – PlayStation3, Vita and PSP stores are going offline


Last week the rumor about the closure of the online stores for PlayStation3, PlayStation Vita and PSP the round, now there is certainty. Sony announced this officially now.

For the PS3 and the PSP the shop will be opened on 02.07.2021 taken offline on 27.08.21 then follows the one for them PlayStation Vita. So you should now download games and DLCs for the three platforms that you definitely want to save for a longer period of time.

After rescuing princesses from the clutches of evil reptiles at a young age and shooting myself through space with a small spaceship, I was fascinated by video games. I especially like Japanese games, and I’ve always been a big fan of special consoles like the Sega Saturn. A heart for outsiders, so to speak! When it comes to games, I adore the “Yakuza” series, like cinematic adventures like “The Last of Us” and like to play a game of “PES” in between. Otherwise my heart beats for the Japanese film, directors like Shion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto or Takeshi Kitano are simply worth gold. I also like to invest my time in comics and creative work (writing, drawing …).

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official PlayStation3 Vita PSP stores offline


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