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In future, DHL wants to inform all recipients of the parcel notification by email when a parcel is ready for collection in a branch or a parcel shop. This delivery in the branch or the shop takes place especially when you were not at home and no neighbor has accepted the parcel. Often enough, however, there are also reports that parcels are diverted to the branch without ringing. This can currently be the case with PostIdent shipments or cash on delivery parcels, for example. Due to the pandemic, deliverers can send these directly to the branch.

The new notification service has been rolled out gradually since the end of last year. Now it is available nationwide at all partner branches as well as Postbank branches and DHL parcel shops. This was announced by DHL.

Probably the biggest improvement: So far, you usually only had the option of picking up notified packages on the next working day after delivery. Now this should often be possible on the same day. The prerequisite is, of course, that the deliverer can deliver the parcels to the branch before it closes.

No more notification card

DHL advertises that, for example, you can drive past the post office on the way from the office to pick up your package. However, the prerequisite is that you register for the digital notification service. In this case, you will also often find out by email when a package is on its way for you and when it will arrive.

In the branch you no longer have to show the yellow notification card from the mailbox. It will no longer exist. With the digital notification, the customer receives all the information they need to collect the parcel directly on their smartphone. The notification slip in the mailbox is no longer necessary.

By the way: As an alternative to direct collection, there is also a second delivery of a parcel. In this case, DHL will pick up your parcel from the branch and deliver it again. This is an advantage for the recipient, especially for heavy parcels without the possibility of a car.

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