Odd Mod replaces Ellie to make Joel playable


The Last of Us Part 2 was by far the most controversial game of 2020. The Naughty Dog title was won by some who found the game “pointless” because of its narrative and the killing of Joel. For those who would love nothing more than to play The Last of Us Part 2 all over again but have Joel back this time, it seems that a modder was able to revive him in place of Ellie.

YouTuber smasher248 Recorded the local scene where Ellie and Dina battle the wolves after they have been kidnapped and Joel replaces Ellie for a few precious moments. We see Joel running through the building, gun in hand, wearing his tanned leather jacket, which evokes a lot of emotional feelings as the last time the players saw it hanging in the closet after Joel’s death.

Unfortunately, Joel’s voice in this mod is still Ellie’s as it would be pretty hard to take out, but it’s still nice to see Joel again, even if it’s only for a short time. There is also another clip from Smasher in which Joel takes Ellie’s place in the legendary “Take on Me” scene, but again, Ellie and not Joel sings. The scene is a little strange, but in a hilarious way, as his hand doesn’t even hold the neck of the guitar!

The Last of Us 2 for PS4 is considered a milestone in video game history. – (C) Naughty Dog, Sony

Smasher says in the comment section of the video that her next goal is to go up against Abby. For those who hated how it all went, there may be a future video of Joel getting Abby out of the way rather than the other way around.

While we wait what Naughty Dog Next up has what could be an entirely new IP, gamers can The Last of Us Part 2 currently enjoy exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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Odd Mod replaces Ellie Joel playable


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