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Offensive at Swiss retailers at 4,000 sales outlets




The Bitcoin hype is attracting more and more people. Digital money has broken through one price barrier after another in the past few weeks. A Bitcoin currently costs over 48,000 francs. Six times as much as last year! This is now arousing desires in the Swiss retail trade too. VIEW research shows: Over 4,000 sales outlets will soon include the digital currency that was once only used in the dodgy Darknet in their store offerings.

Manor initiates the major sales offensive. Starting today, Tuesday, customers can buy Bitcoin there in the form of prepaid cards with the name Cryptonow. The almost 60 department stores are just the beginning. From April, kiosk giant Valora will be offering this Bitcoin product in its sales outlets. Valora is convinced that “the demand for Bitcoin products will increase sharply in the coming years”. Even the gas station shops from BP, Shell and Avia are jumping on the Bitcoin train. BLICK knows: A home electronics chain known throughout Switzerland is also planning to start selling cryptocurrency.

Published: March 9th, 2021, 1:41 am

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Offensive Swiss retailers sales outlets


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