Ole (40) from Saarland wins “The Biggest Loser 2021”


Ole (40) from Saarland wins “The Biggest Loser 2021”

Ole (40) from Beckingen won the Sat.1 show “The Biggest Loser”. Photo: Sat.1

“I’m going Biggest Loser 2021 “announced Ole in the run-up to the Final on Monday (March 29, 2021) on. After weeks of losing weight, the Saarlander has achieved his goal. Of formerly 164 kilos are at the end of the Sat.1 show only 84.3 pounds left. Of the 40-year-old from Beckingen has lost 48.6 percent of his body weight.

Mofa-Ole im Finale bei “The Biggest Loser”

For his appearance on Roger’s “With the Moped to Madrid”, Ole of course also has his beloved vehicle with him. Now he can finally ride it properly. Before the show, he suffered from back pain. Camp leader Dr. Christine Theiss welcomes him with another piece of good news: “There is no challenge tonight.” It often just didn’t work out for them during “The Biggest Loser”. Nevertheless: “Just pull through and carry on” has become Ole’s motto.

Ole’s appearance in the finale of “The Biggest Loser” Photo: Sat.1

Saarländer now has a girlfriend

And he, too, has good news: The Saarlander is no longer single. “I have a girlfriend now,” he says happily. He had known Nadine for a long time, now it was working. And not only she is happy for him. Also be Twin brother Boris beams with pride as he competes with Ole.

Ole lost a total of 50 pounds on the show. Photo: Sat.1

The ranking

2nd place: Sonja has lost a total of 56.6 kg from its starting weight of 126.3 kg. She now weighs 69.7 kilos. A percent weight loss of 44.81.

3rd place: Gianluca weighed 136.5 kilos at the beginning of the show. At the end there are 81.0 kilos left. He has lost 55.5 kilos and 40.6 kilos percent of weight.

4th place: Luca has 91.6 kilos left from 147.1. In total, he has lost 55.5 kilos. That’s 37.73 percent weight loss.

The four finalists: inside of “The Biggest Loser” 2021. Photo: Sat.1

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Ole Saarland wins Biggest Loser


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