Oliver Geissen returns to “DSDS” for live shows


From the big motto shows of bygone days there is not much left to see on “DSDS”, but this year the semi-finals and finals will also be broadcast live. The two shows, which will be shown on March 27th and April 3rd, will also have a new presenter. Strictly speaking, it is an old moderator, because as between 2015 and 2019, Oliver Geissen will be leading through the live shows this year.

RTL has now announced the personnel. Last year Geissen had been replaced by Alexander Klaws. He was known to be the winner of the first season, but had the problem that he is not a trained moderator, which was also noticed. In addition, Corona meant that Klaws had to moderate without an audience – that should not have made things easier.

With Geissen, RTL is now relying on proven staff, he will probably bring the two shows over the stage without any big hops. When Geissen first worked for “DSDS” in 2015, it was the year in which RTL noticeably tweaked the concept of the show – and put the presenter on the edge of an industrial park in Cologne in front of a coach so that the audience could decide announced. And then this spectacle was as bizarre as it sounds.

In any case, there is not much left of the long-lasting constancy of the “DSDS” presenters. The first two seasons were moderated by Michelle Hunziker and Carsten Spengemann. Marco Schreyl then took over for seven years, initially leading through the show with Tooske Ragas. In 2013 and 2014, Nazan Eckes moderated, in the first year together with Raul Richter. It was followed by Oliver Geissen and in 2020, as already mentioned, Alexander Klaws.

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Oliver Geissen returns DSDS live shows


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