One year of the corona crisis in the sky: animation shows the consequences


One year of the corona crisis: animation shows drastic consequences in the sky

Travel restrictions are intended to help contain the spread of the corona pandemic. A turning point for aviation. A data animation shows the clear effects of the crisis in the sky. (Source: t-online / dpa / Reuters)

Numerous planes remained on the ground: The animation in the video shows how much the number of passengers has fallen as a result of the pandemic and which routes were hardest hit. (Source: t-online)

The first travel restrictions to contain the corona pandemic came into force over a year ago. A turning point for aviation. An animation of the data shows the clear effects of the crisis.

The number of passengers in Germany has been rising steadily for years – until the beginning of last year. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, travel restrictions were imposed in numerous countries from March 2020. The result: a collapse in passenger numbers in Germany as well.

However, the numbers are currently rising again. In mid-March, the federal government removed some holiday regions in Europe from the list of risk areas – including Mallorca. The demand for flights to the popular holiday island then increased significantly. According to this, there should be 532 flight connections to and from Germany by Easter Monday.

You can see in the video how severe the slump was for aviation as a result of the Corona crisis, which routes were particularly badly affected and how this is reflected in the radar images here or at the top of the article.

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year corona crisis sky animation shows consequences


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