Optimized version for PlayStation 5 announced; Upgrade costs 9.99 euros


Wreckfest (from 20,49€ at buy) will be released on June 1st, 2021 in an optimized form for PlayStation 5. The demolition racing game will run in 4K resolution at 60 fps on the Sony console. In addition, more graphic details are promised, e.g. dynamic dirt on the vehicles, improved lighting & shadows, godrays and new visual effects for tire tracks. In the multiplayer part, up to 24 players can take part in a race.
Wreckfest for PlayStation 5 will be available in retail stores as well as digitally (RRP: 39.99 euros). Owners of Wreckfest on PlayStation 4 can “upgrade” to the improved PlayStation 5 version for 9.99 euros.

Overview of improvements:

  • “Dynamic dirt on vehicles
  • Improved shadows, improved particles, and better ambient lighting
  • Textures offer a higher resolution
  • The so-called “Godrays” come into play
  • New visual effects for tire tracks
  • DualSense-Effekte
  • Significantly faster loading times “

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Optimized version PlayStation announced Upgrade costs euros


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