Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have had little sex since birth


The birth of daughter Daisy has turned the lives of Orlando Bloom, 44, and his wife Katy Perry, 36, upside down. Her little one saw the light of day around seven months ago. Since then, their everyday lives have turned 180 degrees in many ways. Your career is no longer a priority, but the common offspring. And obviously the quality time as a couple is a little too short – at least in the bedroom.

Since the birth of daughter Daisy, things rarely seem to get hot Orlando now revealed quite bluntly. When asked how often he and Katy currently have sex, he explained in an interview with The Guardian in a nutshell: “Not often enough!” So is a little relationship crisis looming? Hardly, because Orlando sees the sparse cohabitation workload quite calmly. “We just had a baby,” he said.

The fact that she still thinks her future is hot as a rat leaves Katy at least no doubt. When the curse of the Caribbean star recently signed up for the virtual award ceremony of the Critics’ Choice Awards the singer was only too happy to take a look. “Papa Bloom makes my heart beat faster”she languished on social media.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in August 2019
Orlando Bloom im August 2019
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as wedding guests in 2019

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Orlando Bloom Katy Perry sex birth


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