Other cases on the large construction site: The extent of the corona outbreak at Tesla is apparently larger than known – Berlin


There are days of additional high tension for the “Giga Berlin” team, as Elon Musk often calls the future Tesla factory in Grünheide: But now informed circles consider the corona outbreak on the large construction site to be reasonably under control, as the number of infected employees is not continues to rise significantly.

However, the extent of the corona problem is apparently larger than previously known. With the test center quickly installed on the construction site by Tesla, further cases were detected. According to Tagesspiegel information, the number of infected people on the construction site – where around 1,000 people work – should have risen to “between 80 and 100” by Friday.

Other sources speak of the “middle double-digit range” without a reference date. At the beginning of the week, as the Tagesspiegel published, there were 20 infected people and 40 employees in quarantine. There is no confirmation.

The authorities and Tesla are not giving any numbers, which leaves room for speculation. The infection situation in the Oder-Spree district has so far not shown any significant abnormalities that would occur in the event of a mass outbreak.

The Ministry of Health under Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) has so far pointed out that the district is responsible for “local outbreaks”.

Kreis speaks of “a two-digit order of magnitude”

The Oder-Spree district confirmed the Corona problem on the Tesla construction site for the first time on Thursday. It is about “a two-digit order of magnitude” said district spokesman Mario Behnke on Friday. “The situation is unchanged.”

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The day before, the circle had declared that the health department was in a very close exchange with Tesla. “It was to be expected that one of the largest construction sites in Germany would not be left out in a pandemic that was just accelerating again,” it said. “From the documents available to us and the intensive discussions with the company, we have gained the impression that there is a high level of sensitivity on the construction site for possible risks arising from the Corona issue in our own interest,” said Behnke. “The order of additional measures by the health department was therefore not necessary so far.” What is striking is how careful the wording is.

The district justified the fact that no further details are given, although there are automatically interactions between the construction site and the population due to the large number of people working there: Hygiene concept and its implementation. ”

If the border to Poland were completely closed, Tesla would have a big problem

The US company itself, which is still not communicating directly to the outside world to its own disadvantage, does not provide any figures. However, an industry insider close to Tesla has provided information on the crisis management initiated, for example pointing to the test center.

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Tesla wants to have the first vehicles roll off the assembly line in Grünheide from July 2021. The company is sticking to this goal, although this schedule is increasingly being called into question due to various problems, such as the still missing five-kilometer sewer pipe to Erkner.

The pandemic is not only a risk for the project because of the risk of direct corona cases: Many engineers and fitters from a Polish company are currently working on the construction site and are doing important electrical work in the halls. If the border to Poland were completely closed, Tesla would have a big problem. In other words: a gigantic problem.

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