Outriders vor Release: Day-1-Patch, Preload, Bundle-Aktion


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On April 1st, 2021 the loot shooter Outriders will be released for PC and consoles. Now the Japanese development studio has published more details – such as the day 1 patch, preload and bundle campaign.

What is behind the world of Enoch? From April 1st, players can answer this question if they play the loot shooter Outriders. Here you control a hero who has to fight the evil inhabitants of the planet in order to solve the mystery of the sci-fi world Enoch. Now the Japanese development studio has announced via Reddit that buyers can already start downloading the game on the Xbox console, while users of a Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 have to wait until March 30th before they can also download Outriders can begin. There is still no information on the PC as to when the Steam version can be downloaded, no preload is offered in the Epic Games Store.

Notebook bundle with Outriders is available until April 15th

Just in time for the release on April 1st, there will be a Day 1 patch on all platforms, which among other things offers PC gamers the option of playing the cutscenes at 30, 60, 90 or 120 fps. On the Xbox Series X / S and PS5, however, the cutscenes are locked at 60 fps, while on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 the cutscenes run at 30 fps. In addition, the following bugs will be fixed or improvements implemented:

  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements, with particular emphasis on the final sections of the game.
  • Performance improvements for pacing / stuttering observed during the demo.
  • Camera smoothing improvements for cutscenes and dialogues. This should reduce camera shake that some gamers struggle with.

On April 1st, the sci-fi game Outriders from the Japanese developer Square Enix will be released. The title will not only be included in the Xbox Game Pass game subscription from release onwards, but Nvidia is also putting together a bundle of gaming notebooks. Anyone who buys a laptop with a Geforce RTX-20 or RTX-30 graphics chip from one of the participating dealers will receive a download code from Steam for Outriders via email. The campaign runs until April 15, the claim must be made by May 28, 2021 within the Geforce Experience PC app. Only one code is issued per customer.

Outriders: Trailer introduces the graphics options of the PC version

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Collection on Outriders:

  • The developers behind the loot shooter Outriders have announced that it will start on April 1st and that there will be a day 1 patch matching the release.
  • On the Xbox consoles you can already download the sci-fi game in advance, on the PS4 and Playstation 5 it will be ready on March 30th. When the preload is possible on Steam on the PC is open at the time the article is created.
  • Anyone who buys a laptop with a Geforce RTX 20 or RTX 30 graphics chip from one of the participating retailers by April 15, 2021 will receive a download code for Outriders via email on Steam.

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Quellen: Reddit, Nvidia, Steam, Epic Games Store

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Outriders vor Release Day1Patch Preload BundleAktion


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