Over 100,000 fatalities: doubts about Italy’s corona strategy are growing


Status: 03/09/2021 1:26 a.m.

Italy is again in Corona difficulties. The number of infections is increasing significantly. A new, sad record was also reached yesterday. Actions by the new government? So far, none.

By Jörg Seisselberg,
ARD-Studio Rom

The bitter limit of officially 100,000 deaths exceeded and a Covid 19 pandemic that is picking up speed again in Italy: Shortly before these dates became official, Mario Draghi contacted the Italians by video message. With an appeal that can be understood as a call for more commitment and discipline in the fight against corona.

We are all facing a new worsening pandemic emergency these days. Everyone must do their part to contain the spread of the virus.

The infection curve in Italy has been rising by leaps and bounds for around ten days. The number of infections has increased by around a third. While lockdown restrictions are slowly falling in other parts of Europe, Italy is slipping deeper into the crisis again. According to reports from several Italian media outlets, there is growing pressure from the government’s scientific council to drop the currently valid regional traffic light system and to re-enact uniform national measures in the fight against the pandemic.

Experts are calling for tougher steps

Patrizia Laurenti, Professor of Hygiene and Infectious Diseases at the University of Cattolica, also has doubts in view of the current developments as to whether Italy is on the right track with the previous solutions.

In my opinion, these distinctions between the individual regions can no longer be justified. It has been shown that mistakes were made in the so-called yellow zones. The color yellow was lived as an excess of freedom.

In the yellow zones with only a few restrictions, for example, bars and restaurants are allowed to open during the day. Large regions such as Lombardy and Piedmont quickly slipped back into the orange zone with high numbers of infections, and restaurants and bars had to close again. Campania has even been a red zone since the beginning of the week. A total of almost ten million Italians are again living in lockdown, with shops, schools and restaurants closed.

“The trend seems clear”

The incidence value as of yesterday is 236 in all of Italy – more than three times as high as in Germany (68). Hygiene specialist Laurenti says: “It is undoubtedly a situation that calls for tightening the measures with more restrictions. I am sorry to have to say that, but the data speak for themselves, the trend is clear.”

The newspaper Repubblica reports specifically on a proposal by the Government’s Scientific Council to send all of Italy into a tough lockdown for three weeks, also because of the rapidly spreading British virus variant – and to carry out as many vaccinations as possible during this time. As usual since Draghi took office, the government did not comment on the report.

A little encouragement

In his current video message, the new Prime Minister confines himself to general information and a little encouragement.

The pandemic has not yet been defeated. But with a faster vaccination campaign you can see a silver lining not far away on the horizon. I would like to take this opportunity to send a real signal of confidence to everyone.

But what exactly this signal looks like and, above all, what strategy the government wants to use to counter the worsening corona crisis in Italy, Draghi left open – even on the day the 100,000 death limit was crossed. However, it cannot be ruled out that, behind Draghi’s wall of silence, work is being carried out on correcting the flagging Italian anti-corona policy, above all on accelerating the vaccination campaign.

All those responsible so far in this area, from the Corona special commissioner to the head of civil protection, Draghi has replaced without exception in the past few days. This too without comment.

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fatalities doubts Italys corona strategy growing


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