Over 14 million recreational musicians in Germany


In Germany, almost a fifth of the population aged six and over makes music in their free time – that corresponds to 14.3 million people. The proportion is even higher among children and adolescents up to the age of 16. In this age group, almost half make music, announced the German Music Information Center on Wednesday in Bonn via a representative survey on amateur music making. The most popular instruments from the age of 16 are therefore guitar, piano, as well as e-piano, keyboard and synthesizer. The piano came first among the young musicians, followed by the recorder and guitar.

The music information center stated that the study offered a precise overview of the situation for the first time. According to this, well-educated people with a higher income make music about twice as often as those with less income and less education. The entry into making music is an average of eleven years. The main access is through music schools and private teachers.

According to the study, 80 percent of amateur musicians play an instrument. The proportion of men is very high, whereas women are more interested in singing. “Singing is a woman’s domain, while men are more likely to play instruments,” explained the music information center.

The practice is very different: according to the survey, eight out of ten make music in their private sphere, a quarter sings in a choir, almost a fifth in church. Bands, brass bands, orchestras or traditional events also offer a stage. Around a third of those surveyed aged 16 and over estimated that making music had become less common due to Corona. With the singers, however, the proportion was higher.

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million recreational musicians Germany


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