Over 20 new games announced for the subscription service


Over 20 new games have been announced for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service and will be included in the subscription at launch.
The ID @ Xbox Showcase was a fireworks display for all fans of indie games. In a four-hour live stream, each game was given the attention it deserves, which the individual titles more than deserve. In addition, the respective developers had their say and so the show was perfect for a nice long evening.

But it gets even better with over 20 new games added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, right from the day of launch!

So that you don’t lose track of things, here is the list of games that will soon be waiting for you in Xbox Game Pass:

Xbox Game Pass announcements

  1. Among Us
  2. Hello Neighbor 2
  3. Art of Rally
  4. Second Extinction
  5. omno
  6. Moonglow Bay
  7. The Ascent
  8. STALKER 2
  9. Astria Ascending
  10. Recompile
  11. The Wild At Heart
  12. She Dreams Elsewhere
  13. Nobody Saves the World
  14. Dead Static Drive
  15. Little Witch in the Woods
  16. Craftopia
  17. Undungeon
  18. Sable
  19. Way to the Woods
  20. Library of Ruina
  21. Backbone
  22. Edge of Eternity
  23. Boyfriend Dungeon
  24. Narita Boy
  25. Outriders
  26. Project GR
  27. Vapor World: Over the Mind

Here is another new trailer:

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games announced subscription service


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